A mathematician is someone who uses mathematics in their work, typically solving problems related to a branch of mathematics including the sciences.

Conway’s Game of Life Models Evolution

The Game of Life - a cellular automaton

Conway’s Game of Life is a simple rule-set that models the evolution of systems. It’s a “zero-player” computer program that demonstrates “cellular automata”.

E=mc^2 (Mass and Energy are Equivalent)

Einstein’s mass-energy equivalence equation (E=mc2) shows that mass and energy are equivalent (but not “exactly the same”) properties of a physical system.

Time is Relative

Time is Relative

Time is relative to speed and gravity (time dilation), and so is space (length contraction). Light speed is constant for all observers, so time and space can’t be.

Ada Lovelace Wrote the First Computer Program

Ada Lovelace Wrote the First Computer Program

British mathematician Ada Lovelace can be considered the mother of computer programing, as she wrote the first complex algorithm meant to be carried out by a machine. However, it is a myth that Ada Lovelace wrote “the first computer program” or was “the first computer programmer”, that title belongs to Charles Babbage.

René Descartes Slept in an Oven

Did René Descartes Sleep in an Oven?

René Descartes didn’t sleep in an oven, but he did invent analytical geometry while sleeping in a room with an oven (likely a masonry heater).