A person is a being, typically a human. The exact definition varies depending upon context, for instance characters in fictional novels.

Napoleon Was Short

Was Napoleon Short?

Napoleon wasn’t short, he was 5 ft. 2 in tall by French measurement at the time of his death, which equates to about 5 ft. 6 in by British measurement.

There Was a 5th Beatle

There was a 5th Beatle

There was no single ‘5th Beatle’, rather many people were dubbed “the 5th Beatle” at various times: Stuart Sutcliffe, Brian Epstein, Billy Preston, George Martin, and more.

A Synthesizer Always Has a Keyboard

Does A Synthesizer Always Have a Keyboard?

A synthesizer is an instrument that uses electronics to produce sound. Sounds produced by a synthesizer are commonly triggered by a keyboard, but not always.

René Descartes Slept in an Oven

Did René Descartes Sleep in an Oven?

René Descartes didn’t sleep in an oven, but he did invent analytical geometry while sleeping in a room with an oven (likely a masonry heater).

The First Hard Drive Was Announced in 1956

The First Hard Drive Was Announced in 1956

The engineers at IBM’s San Jose California laboratory invented the hard disk drive as early as 1953, but it’s first commercial use wasn’t until 1956.

George Washington Had Wooden Teeth

Did George Washington have wooden teeth?

George Washington didn’t have wooden teeth, but he did have dentures (made of materials such as ivory) that may have appeared “wooden” from staining.