Thinking is the process of understanding the human experience including self-awareness, ideas, and imagination.

Thoughts Can “Rewire” Your Brain

Thoughts can rewire your brain.

Thoughts and other stimuli can essentially “rewire” our brain, strengthening useful synaptic pathways and weakening less used ones, this is called neuroplasticity (AKA learning and memory).

Past Outcomes of Random Events Affect Future Outcomes

Do Past Outcomes of Random Events Affect Future Outcomes?

Past results of random independent events, like a coin flip, don’t affect future results. The mistaken belief that past results affect future results is known as “the Gambler’s Fallacy” (AKA the Fallacy of the Maturity of Chances, or the Monte Carlo Fallacy).

A Theory Isn’t True Unless Proven True

A theory can be true or not true, all we know about a scientific theory is that it has predictive power and hasn’t been proven wrong by experiment yet.