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You Can Make a Video Game With Zero Experience… If You are Willing to Put in Some Work

Anyone with a computer can make a video game using a game engine like Unreal, Unity, or GameMaker. Creating a simple game requires no coding experience.

Further, many of the top game engines are completely free to use (although with each making a full fledged multi-platform game that you are going to sell likely means dishing out money; the specific deal depends on the engine).

In the old days it used to be that you needed to know how to code to create a game, but today there are a wide array of game creation platforms that anyone can use to create games for any platform (from a PC game, to an iPhone game, to a VR game, to a Playstation game, to a Switch game, etc) with minimal to no coding experience.

I say minimal to no coding experience, because in reality you are going to have to deal with at least some basic coding if you want to get very far. In short, you don’t need coding experience, but you will need to deal with some coding basics (which tutorials will walk you through… hence not needing any coding background going into it).

The cool thing is these are the same exact platforms that the pros use for the most part.

Although many major game studios use their own proprietary game engines, many A-list games run on Unreal, many hit Indie games and A-list apps run on Unity, and some notable Indie games use customized engines like GameMaker.

For example, Fortnite uses Unreal, Cuphead and Pokemon-Go uses Unity, and Undertale uses GameMaker.

Now with all that covered, the above shouldn’t be taken to mean that creating a video game is easy.

The reality is, even with step-by-step tutorials and plugins that make life easy for non-coders, there is still a lot of hard work that goes into making a game.

The point here isn’t that it is easy, or that it doesn’t take work, it is only that creating a video game is possible and is at the fingertips of anyone with a computer (ideally a computer that is up-to-date enough to run the newest builds of the game engines).

To learn more, see the following links:

  1. How to make a video game in Unity without any coding experience. <—- the Unity tutorials are simpler than Unreal.
  2. Creating a Basic Platformer Game. <—– Really simple 2D game in Unity for beginners (the template they have you download has an example game you can try out too).
  3. How to Make a Simple Game in Unity 3D.
  4. Get Started with UE4. <—- This is probably the best way to get started with Unreal4.
  5. How to Create a Simple Game in Unreal Engine 4. <—- Not a bad way to help familiarize yourself with how Unreal works.
  6. GameMaker Studio 2 tutorial.

With the above covered, the above links aren’t the only places to start and the above engines aren’t the only ones to pick from. The purpose of this article is just to point out that creating a video game is something that anyone with a computer can accomplish with effort.

TIP: Want to make a simple game in Unity? Check out

How to make a Video Game in Unity – BASICS (E01).


These days anyone can use the same game engines used to create A-list titles to create their own game. It isn’t easy per-say, but anyone can in theory create a simple game even with no coding background… if they are willing to put the time in to learn.

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