Darth Vader says, "Luke, I am your father."

That Famous Line From The Empire Strikes Back is Actually a Misquote

Darth Vader never actually says, “Luke, I am your father.” Vader instead says, “No, I am your father.” In other words, this is just one of those misquoted movie lines.[1]

So why does everyone think he says, “Luke, I am your father?” I’ll submit to you that it is not the Mandela effect. Instead my theory is that it was on some TV show or movie comedy along the way said, “Luke, I am your father,” and that was the version that got stuck in the lexicon.

The full quote from the famous scene in The Empire Strikes Back is featured below (in script form and clip form).

Notice Vader doesn’t say the word “Luke” until the end of this exchange. Previously in the exchange he calls him “young Skywalker” and “Skywalker”… which is a little strange since that is his last name too.

“Luke, I Am Your Father”

		There is no escape.  Don't make 
		me destroy you.  You do not yet 
		realize your importance.  You 
		have only begun to discover your 
		power.  Join me and I will complete 
		your training.  With our combined 
		strength, we can end this destructive 
		conflict and bring order to the 

		I'll never join you!

		If you only knew the power of the 
		dark side.  Obi-Wan never told 
		you what happened to your father.

		He told me enough!  It was you 
		who killed him.

		No.  I am your father.

Shocked, Luke looks at Vader in utter disbelief.

		No.  No.  That's not true!  
		That's impossible!

		Search your feelings.  You know 
		it to be true.

		No!  No!  No!

		Luke.  You can destroy the Emperor.
		He has foreseen this.  It is your 
		destiny.  Join me, and together 
		we can rule the galaxy as father 
		and son.  Come with me.  It is the 
		only way.


The line we all know and love and repeat, “Luke, I am your father,” is a misquote. Darth Vader never says that.


  1. Empire Strikes Back Script.

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Scott on
Supports this as a Fact.

How come James earl jones quotes his line from the movie Luke I Am your father on the Big Bang theory? Did he forget his own line? I don’t think so.

Thomas DeMichele on

My guess is he was reading the Big Bang script and not the Star Wars script at the time.

Timothy L Carmichael on

I have evidence to the contrary. You will find that it is you who are mistaken about a great many things. Message me if you want to hear James Earl Jones say, “Luke, I am your father.”, and see where it is admitted by Lucasfilm 2005 Lucasfilm Ltd.

Thomas DeMichele on

Very interesting, going to research this. Feel free to drop a link.