You can put emojis in URLs.

You Can Put Emojis in URLs

Did you know you can now put emojis in URLs? They won’t show up in all browsers, but most modern browsers will show them. 😎

So here is the deal, in a browser that can’t convert code to emojis, your URL will look like this:


However, in a browser that can, your URL will look like this:

I would like to apologize in advance for breaking the internet. Welcome to a new era of URLs.

Where to find emoji:Β You can use substantially all of the basic emojis, a list can be found at emojipedia.org. If you need to grab the code, you can find a list of emojis at unicode.org.

How to add emoji to your URL: You can literally just copy and paste an emoji into a URL in WordPress (for example), but otherwise you need to grab the Unicode. I have found that the “UTF-8 (hex)” version works if you add an “%” everywhere you need a space (this is also called the β€œURL Escape Code”). So, smiley face would be “0xF0%0x9F%0x98%0x80.” Or at least, I have been able to do it this way, there may be other methods that work.

What is Unicode? Unicode is an international coding standard that assigns a numeric value to letters and symbols. Every emoji actually has Unicode behind it. There are a few different Unicode variations for each letter or symbol, I am using a UTF-8 hexadecimal version above with %s (specifically the URL Escape Code version). Ideally your browser will see this code and covert the hex to an emoji for you when viewing the URL so it looks pretty 😍.

Getting Emoji domains: Not only can you create emoji URLs, but you can also create emoji domains. Check out https://i❀️.wsΒ for emoji domains. The only caveat here is that top level domains are limited to .ws, .to, and .fm. To understand how emoji domains work, please see “punycode” (a way to translate Unicode into ASCII for browsers to interpret).


You can put emojis in URLs and even in domain names!

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