Music refers to the art form of sound and silence including recorded music, written music, music performance, and instruments.

MIDI Still Uses Version 1.0

MIDI (the communications protocol for musical instruments), despite being standardized in 1983, still uses version 1.0.

Frank Zappa Coined the Term “Groupie”

Frank Zappa claimed to have coined the term “groupie” to describe “women who followed rock groups.” Although we can’t prove he was the first to use the term, we can prove he was at least one of the first.

John Lennon’s Deportation Case Inspired DACA

Some speculate that John Lennon’s status as a vocal anti-war rock icon caused Nixon to push for his deportation… which ironically resulted in a legal case that inspired President Obama’s 2012 immigration policy DACA.

Brian Eno Invented Ambient Music

Brian Eno didn’t invent ambient music, but he did coin the term and popularize the genre drawing from underground experimental music and the work of Erik Satie.

Organized Noize Popularized Atlanta Hip Hop

Organized Noize, a music collective founded in 1992, helped popularize Atlanta-based “dirty south” hip hop via their work with OutKast, Goodie Mob, TLC and more.

432 Hz is Better than 440 Hz

It’s theorized that using a starting pitch of A=432 Hz and a “just intonation” tuning method (scientific tuning) is more natural and mathematically symmetric than using A=440 Hz and “equal temperament” tuning (concert tuning).

Music Can Be Understood Through Intervals

What are intervals in music?

Music theory and the basics of playing music (especially on the piano) can be understood through music intervals. All scales, chords, and most songs are based on intervals.