A musical instruments is an instrument that can make musical sounds, it can be a traditional instrument created specifically to make music or something adapted to play music.

432 Hz is Better than 440 Hz

It’s theorized that using a starting pitch of A=432 Hz and a “just intonation” tuning method (scientific tuning) is more natural and mathematically symmetric than using A=440 Hz and “equal temperament” tuning (concert tuning).

Music Can Be Understood Through Intervals

What are intervals in music?

Music theory and the basics of playing music (especially on the piano) can be understood through music intervals. All scales, chords, and most songs are based on intervals.

Whistle Voice is Different than Falsetto

Whistle Voice is Different than Falsetto

Whistle voice and falsetto are both high vocal registers that use alternative positions of the vocal cords and sound like different parts of a flute.

A Synthesizer Always Has a Keyboard

Does A Synthesizer Always Have a Keyboard?

A synthesizer is an instrument that uses electronics to produce sound. Sounds produced by a synthesizer are commonly triggered by a keyboard, but not always.