An animal is an multicellular eukaryotic organism from the kingdom Animalia. All life on earth aside from plants and algae are animals including humans.

Cows Have Best Friends

cows have best friends

The claim that cows have best friends is rooted in scientific research. Studies have shown that cows are social creatures, forming strong bonds with specific individuals in their herd.

Bats are blind

bats are blind

Bats are not blind. While they rely heavily on echolocation to navigate and find food, they also have functional eyes and can see.

Goldfish Have a Three Second Memory

goldfish can only remember up to three seconds

Goldfish possess a memory span far exceeding three seconds. Research has demonstrated that their memory can last for several months.

Elephants Are Afraid of Mice

Elephants are essentially afraid of mice, but not for the reasons you might think. Like other mammals elephants, are hardwired to be startled by things that move fast, including mice.

Scorpion Venom is the Most Expensive Liquid in the World


Scorpion Venom is the most expensive liquid in the world costing up to $39 million a gallon. Like other expensive liquids such as penicillin, insulin, patchouli, human blood, cobra venom, and horseshoe crab blood, scorpion venom has medicinal uses.

Turkeys Can’t Fly

The idea that Turkeys can’t fly is a myth. Wild turkeys can fly in short bursts and actually will roost in trees at night. That said, while domestic turkeys can fly in theory, they are typically too heavy to fly in practice.

Cows are One of the Top Emitters of Green House Gasses

Cows are on of the top emitters of greenhouse gases. A single cow on average release between 70 and 120 kg of methane (a greenhouse gas) per year. Meanwhile, there are roughly 1 – 1.5 billion cows on earth as of 2018.

Honey Lasts Forever

Honey is sometimes called the only food that doesn’t go bad, this is mostly true. Honey stored properly will essentially last forever due to its unique chemical composition.