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Hair and Nails Continue to Grow After Death

hair and nails grow after you die

This article dispels the myth that hair and nails continue to grow after death by discussing the biological processes and presenting scientific evidence.

Some Jellyfish are Immortal

jellyfish are immortal

It is true that Turritopsis dohrnii, known as the “immortal jellyfish,” can avoid death from old age through a unique process called transdifferentiation.

Cows Have Best Friends

cows have best friends

The claim that cows have best friends is rooted in scientific research. Studies have shown that cows are social creatures, forming strong bonds with specific individuals in their herd.

Lightning Doesn’t Strike the Same Place Twice

Lightning has been a source of both wonder and fear for centuries. Among the numerous myths and misconceptions associated with this powerful natural event is the claim that “lightning never strikes the same place twice.” Nevertheless, how accurate is this statement?

Bats are blind

bats are blind

Bats are not blind. While they rely heavily on echolocation to navigate and find food, they also have functional eyes and can see.

Goldfish Have a Three Second Memory

goldfish can only remember up to three seconds

Goldfish possess a memory span far exceeding three seconds. Research has demonstrated that their memory can last for several months.

The Sun is Yellow

the sun is not yellow

We have all seen pictures of a bright yellow sun in children’s books and art, but have you ever wondered if the sun is actually yellow?

A Lichen is Both a Fungus and an Algae

Lichen is not a plant.

A lichen isn’t. a plant, it is a dual organism that is both a fungus and algae. The term symbiosis was even coined to describe this phenomenon.