Culture is a broad category referring to the way we experience, classify, and share our humanity. The arts, a subdivision of culture, focus on expression of experiences and ideas.

Arts and Culture include subjects like film and television, food and drink, video games, visual arts, performing arts, mass media, sports, literature, and more.

Nintendo Started as a Playing Card Company

Nintendo Started as a Trading Card Company

Nintendo was founded in 1889 as a playing card (hanafuda) company, nearly a century before the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985.

Pong Was the First Arcade Video Game

Computer Space became the first mass produced arcade video game in 1971. It was released the year before it’s creators formed Atari and created Pong

If You Build it, They Will Come

If You Build it, Will They Come?

If you build it, you increase the odds of them coming. In other words, if you put thought and energy into a project you increase the likelihood of success.

A Sports Jacket Improves Your Appearance

A Sports Jacket Improves Appearance and Perception

Generally speaking, a sports jacket (blazer or suit jacket), improves your appearance in terms of people’s perception of you, and your perception of yourself.