Diseases, conditions, and disorders are any health related issues that affect an organism.

An Aspirin a Day Reduces the Risk of Heart Attacks and Strokes

Should You take an aspirin a day?

Studies show that taking a low dose of aspirin a day can help prevent cardiovascular events like a heart attack or stroke and have other benefits. However, other studies have shown aspirin to increase the risk of bleeding, especially in the stomach.

You Can Overdose on Licorice

Overdose on black licorice.

You can overdose on black licorice. This is due to the way a compound derived from licorice root can cause potassium levels to fall to dangerous levels.

Coronavirus Facts


We present facts and myths on the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). All of our data comes from official sources like the WHO and CDC when possible.

Being Cold Can Increase Your Risk of Getting Sick

Being cold doesn’t give you a cold, but cold weather can increase your risk of getting sick. Lower body temperatures suppress the body’s immune system and help some viruses thrive.

Raw Cookie Dough Can Make You Sick

Raw cookie dough can make you sick, especially dough that doesn’t use treated flour and pasteurized eggs. Studies have shown, untreated raw flour can contain germs like E. coli, and unpasteurized raw eggs can contain germs like salmonella.

As Many As 1 in 2 Americans Have a Preexisting Condition

Studies have shown that as many as 1 in 2 Americans have a health condition that qualifies as a pre-existing condition. While 1 in 2 is on the high side of a 2011 estimate done by HHS, it is generally accurate.