History is the study of the past and how it relates to the human experience.

Saying “Moshi Moshi” Proves You Aren’t a Ghost

Ghosts Can't Say Moshi Moshi

There is an idea that the reason “Moshi” is said twice in the Japanese phrase “Moshi Moshi” is that ghosts can’t say “Moshi” twice. Thus, saying “Moshi Moshi” proves you aren’t a ghost. This is unlikely to be the true root of “Moshi Moshi.” It is more likely “Moshi Moshi” is simply an evolution of the telephone hello used by telephone operators.

Hitler Never Used Chemical Weapons

Hitler used chemical weapons, but he used them on his own people and not on the battlefield (as they had been banned in global warfare after WW1).

The Civil War was About Slavery

The Civil war was about slavery, but it wasn’t “just about slavery”. Sectionalism, Protectionism, and States’ Rights were also factors.

Wage Slavery and Chattel Slavery are Different

Wage slavery (where an entity’s livelihood depends on wages or a salary) and actual “chattel” slavery (where an entity is enslaved by another entity) are very different.

The Democrats were the Party of the Ku Klux Klan and Slavery

The KKK and slavery both have their roots in the Democratic party. However, the southern bloc conservatives (“the solid south”) have increasingly favored the Republican party over time. Thus, today the faction who once supported the KKK and slavery now mostly supports the Republican Party.