The Democrats were the Party of the Ku Klux Klan and Slavery fact

The Democratic Party’s Dark Roots of Slavery and the KKK

How to Confirm that While the Democrats Used to Be the Party of the Solid South Conservatives, that is No Longer True Today

The KKK and slavery both have their roots in the Democratic party. However, the southern bloc conservatives (“the solid south”) have increasingly favored the Republican party over time. Thus, today the faction who once supported the KKK and slavery now mostly supports the Republican Party. Given this, the old “the Democrats were the party of the KKK and slavery” talking point, while true, is often used in misleading ways.[1][2][3][4][5][6]

TIP: What I mean specifically is a little complex, but in summary, the solid south region of the US used to be controlled by the Democratic party. However, today it is controlled by the Republican party. You can see this in the voting map below by comparing say 1860 to 1968 to 2008. Representatives of that region, and the voter base of that region, and the solid south socially conservative voting bloc (which together with their ideological platform I am calling a “faction”) ended up, on average, favoring the Republican party over time (as one can see on a voting map over time in the graphic below). This switch was partly made as the parties changed (specifically as the Democrats became more socially progressive), and the switch also changed the parties (notable changes being less social conservatism in the Democratic party and more pro south/pro rural planks in the Republican party). The result is that a lot has changed over time and even switched between parties. Importantly for this page, a major switch was the switching of the conservative solid south’s allegiance, to the degree they took their platform and traditions with them is its own topic… but at the very least, it is hard to fully equate the Democratic party of today (now dominated by citied liberals, neoliberals, and social liberal progressives) with the Democratic party of yesterday (which had the weight of the southern bloc behind it and less citied and progressive liberals depending on the era). All this to say, while the Democratic Party did disband and became the confederacy in the 1860s, and it was for sure “the party of the KKK and slavery,” a lot has changed over time. And, while the story is a detailed history lesson of immigrants, progressives becoming so powerful the Republican conservatives began to lose power, and shifting alliances and factions, the proof that it did happen is in the voting map.

Why It Doesn’t Make Sense to Equate Modern Democrats With the Old Southern Democrats

The Democrats, formally the anti-Federalists, had an aversion to aristocracy from the late 1700s to the progressive era.

That truism led to the southern conservatives of the solid south like John C. Calhoun and “small government” liberals like Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, and Martin Van Buren allying in the same party for most of U.S. history.

However, that changed after Civil Rights under LBJ and the rise of Goldwater “States’ Rights” Republicans (see “the southern strategy” of the sixth party system).[7]

Today the solid south, and figures like Jeff Sessions, are in an alliance in the big tent of the Republican Party (they are not generally supporting progressive liberal Democrats these days). This was as much a response to the growing progressiveness of the Democratic Party (think FDR and Kennedy) as anything.

One simple way to confirm this is to look at the factions of Lincoln’s time. There were four. They were:

  1. The Northern liberal Whig/Republicans,
  2. The Nativist Know-Nothing [sometimes] allies of the Whig/Republicans,
  3. The Southern Democrats and their Northern allies (who supported slavery), and
  4. The Free Soil [sometimes] allies of the Democrats who took a “libertarian” like position.

Today’s Democrats are more like socially liberal Whig/Republicans (the northern party for government favored in the cities), libertarians are like Free Soilers (they wanted “small government” to solve social issues), Trumpians are like Nativist Know-Nothings (they cared little about slavery but wanted the immigrants out), and Southern Democrats (the pro-slavery Confederate South) are like the modern Southern conservative Republicans.

The current parties are thus:

Social Liberals and Neoliberals (favored in the North and cities) vs. Social Conservatives and Neoliberal Conservatives AKA Neocons (the big tent Republican).

Sure, Gore, Bill Clinton, and even Byrd stayed with the party after 1964, as did many southern politicians, but this doesn’t mean much. The switch (marked by Thurmond but hardly limited to him) happened slowly over time following Civil Rights 1964 and Voting Rights 1965, not immediately.

Specifically, the switch (of the solid south joining the Republicans) happened from the 1960s to the 1990s and beyond as new members came in under a different party and the voter base shifted slowly over time.

Today we can see that the solid south votes Republican and puts Republicans in Congress. If we aren’t clear we can ask ourselves, “which party today is popular in the south and supports the waving of the confederate rebel flag today?” If we can’t figure it out, we can look at the images below.


In the 1860 election, the North and Coasts were in one party, the Solid South in another, the border state represented a middle ground between the pro-slavery and progressive anti-slavery stance. This should give you an idea of why we say “the parties switched”, and what it means that Lincoln was a moderate conservative AND socially liberal Republican (but not a Know Nothing).

Clearly, the country has never been fully polarized, even at its most polarized.

A map showing realigning elections and Presidents who represent major changes in the U.S. parties.

The Other Part of the Story, the Roosevelts and Progressives

It used to be that both parties had a liberal and progressive wing. Today, after Teddy leaving the Republican party to run as a progressive in 1912, things have changed. Today the Republicans don’t have a prominent progressive wing.

Thus, not only did the solid conservative south switch, but the progressive republicans switched too (why some not only take issue with that “Democrats are the party of the KKK” comment, but also with the idea that modern Republicans would have been the party of Lincoln).

Essentially, the progressives overtook the Democratic Party, and Conservatives overtook the Republican Party, from the Civil War to the modern era as each party’s position on “big government” changed.

Another way to phrase this is that the conservative coalition and new deal coalition used to denote reaching across the aisle to form an inter-party coalition, now these terms are essentially emblematic of the modern Republican and Democratic parties respectively.

In sum, we can say that originally, “both parties had progressive and conservative factions, and now they don’t,” but the details are a little more complex than that.

Furthermore, we should note, that while the KKK is emblematic of extreme social conservatism, they hardly represent the majority sentiment of either party in any era.[8]

Additionally, in any era since their inception during Reconstruction, the KKK has openly supported candidates from both parties and members have run for office in both parties, so we can look to articles that document this like Ku Klux Klan members in United States politics and For decades, the Ku Klux Klan openly endorsed candidates for political office for more proof.[9][10]

Below we explain the Democratic Party, its history, and “the Solid South Switch” that was part of a 20th century reversal leading up to what I call “the Sixth Party Switch”.

TIP: A Key to understanding this story is “the Southern strategy,” the video below will help explain “the 20th century reversal” which saw the south go from Democrat to Republican. Knowing this part of the story will help the rest of the story make sense as we trace the different factions of Democrats from anti-Federalists founders, to the many different types of Democrats of the early 1800’s, to the factions of the late 1800’s, to the factions of the early 1900’s and World War eras, to the factions of the 1960’s to 1990’s, to the factions of today. Both the Democratic and Republican parties have changed considerably in those times, and at no point have all the factions of either party been on the same page.

What was the Southern Strategy? This part of the story is only one part, but it is vital to get. This is from Keith Hughes who explains much of our American history accurately. All videos on this page are secondary resources not created by us.

THE BASICS: The Civil War era slavery supporting Confederates were mainly Solid South Socially Conservative Southern Democrats. The KKK was a Confederate faction that arose during Reconstruction and grew out of the Anti-Federalist movement and Democratic party. Today, that same socially conservative small government ideology is found in the Republican Party, and the Solid South votes Republican. The Solid South Switch” happened slowly over time, but was notably spurred on by Progressive Liberal Democrats and their Southern Progressive allies when they got LBJ to pass Civil Rights 1964 and Voting Rights 1965. The KKK never stopped existing in this time, but it did “change parties.” These facts should not be confused to mean “the entire South is comprised of radical Confederates who are secretly part of the KKK” (or some nonsense like that). Each faction, party, and region is composed of many different Americans. The point of this page is twofold. First to confirm history and then to provide a rebuttal the next time a figure like Ted Cruz tries to re-write history. The point is not to demonize the South or Republicans by equating them with a radical movement or to explain away the Democratic Party’s roots; it is to explain history as it occurred and describe the modern factions as they are.

From white supremacy to Barack Obama: The history of the Democratic Party. This is a VOX video; it gives the gist. It is meant to augment, but not replace the content of the page.

“What unites the two, aside from their hostility to the liberal academic establishment, is their mutual loathing of big government.” Libertarians in the Attic, or a Tale of Two Narratives; Explaining the gist of why Goldwater Republicans, Neo-Confederates, Neocons, and Libertarians would rather be in tent A than tent B today… Also explains why Jeffersonian liberals and Confederates were in the same party a back when. i.e. An aversion to “Big Government” for any reason, be it deregulating business, deregulating social programs (think they are calling it “deconstruction“), or simply sticking to classical liberal principles of small government despite the social costs.

Ku Klux Klan – A Secret History. If you know the history of the Klan, then you know “the parties switched.” You also know the roots of fascism, and how liberty is corrupting in extremes. You understand nativism and xenophobia as a reaction to economic inequality and immigration. Oh, and the Civil War and the black experience. In these ways, the KKK is at the heart of the American story.

TIP: Defending the KKK’s ideology is somewhere near the bottom of my to-do list. That said, if one can’t understand the Confederate argument, then one can’t understand American history. If one understands the Confederate South, then one understands the KKK. In that way, this page isn’t seeking to disrespect figures like Calhoun or the Confederate South. Instead, it seeks to clarify history, and that means understanding why the modern social conservative South is Republican, being cognizant of the arguments of figures like Calhoun, having the discernment to realize that not all KKK factions are the same, and having insight into works like V. O. Key’s classic Southern Politics in State and Nation.

NOTE: Conservative southerners aren’t chopped liver, and there are tons of progressives in the south. In both cases, conservative or progressive, we are discussing AMERICANS who live in the rural south. The citied North and Rural South have been at odds since day one, and there has historically been a certain lack of understanding throughout our history. It is actually rather offensive to modern conservative southerners, who are generally Republican (they are non-establishment populist Republican south; obviously), to try to slander the Democratic Party by conflating Democrats with slavery, Jim Crow, black codes, and KKK. In other words, the right uses the KKK to slander modern liberals, but they are actually slandering a major voting factions of their own party by doing this. Strange right? Well that is the case none-the-less. Check out our page where we offer an extensive lesson of this sort to D’souza’s followers.

A Summary of the Solid South Switch

To summarize the above claims before we get to the details:

In 1860 the Democratic Party Platforms were about Small Government and States’ Rights, and the more aristocratic Republican Platform about Federal Power and Collective Rights, but by 2016, the opposite is true (see platforms from the 1840’s to 2016).

This is because the “conservative south” and “old Republican Progressives” can be said to have “switched parties” in reaction to events that occurred from the Gilded Age to the Bush and Clinton years. These changes that are well symbolized by the 1968 election, but not explained by that alone.

To understand what changed, we must become familiar with people like W. J. Bryan, Teddy, Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover, Henry A. Wallace, Strom Thurmond, FDR, MLK, and Hoover. We must look at the Red Scare, the Dixiecrat States’ Rights Parties, Civil Rights, Voting Rights, Nixon’s Southern Strategies, the New Deal Coalition and Conservative Coalition, etc. See Democrats and Republicans Switched Platforms.

The full story aside, in the early days:

  1. Populist social liberals (like Jefferson) used to ally with the populist socially conservative solid south (an extreme faction of which is the KKK).
  2. The social liberal elite like Gouverneur Morris and Alexander Hamilton were in the Federalist party with classical conservative Tory-like figures and factions.

The Anti-Federalist populist liberals didn’t unite because they agreed on an issue like race, they united because they were both opposed to “Federal Power.” The parties are best thought of as “big tents” with many factions who agree on some key issues.

That pairing of factions is either hopeful or a blight on history, depending on your perspective.

Putting aside the many oddities of the other party and much else in history, we can say that despite the past, platforms have obviously changed.

Today the Republicans have the platform-in-action (and to some degree on-paper) that most resembles the Platform of the American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (that is verifiable fact), and the Democrats are taking a more “Federalist” position on most issues.

The Republican platform is based on small government, being strict on immigration and crime, anti-gun control, pro-Protestant, white “traditional values,” against “liberal Hollywood,” against the “international banks,” and against globalism, etc. The Democratic Party platform takes the opposite stance.

That said, not everything changed. The northern Republican Know-Nothing types and conservative anti-Communist Hoover and McKinley factions never swapped sides. Likewise, the Democrats retained some of their “Redeemed and Reformed” or otherwise more progressive Southern conservative Gore, Clinton, and Byrd types.

Today we can only see shades of the Lincoln and Hamilton types in rare figures like McCain, while we can see more than just shades of the Solid South in the Republican Party. Platforms aside, all we need to do is look at voting maps over time to confirm all this.

How the South Went Republican: Can Democrats Ever Win There Again? (1992).

TIP: As you can see in the quote below, while the KKK is not “like either major party,” they have more an extreme form of the modern Republican platform than the modern Democratic party platform.

Enemies from within are destroying the United States of America. An unholy coalition of anti-White, anti-Christian liberals, socialists, feminists, homosexuals, jews [sic] and militant blacks have managed to seize control of our government and mass media. This gang of criminals and degenerates has declared war on the hard working, tax paying, White citizens. White Americans have become second class citizens in the country our ancestors built from nothing. The liberal dictatorship seeks to disarm us and leave us at the mercy of savage rapist and murders.” – The Platform of the American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan 1999; this is reminiscent of Solid South platforms in any era but far less polite. It is obviously not the “the same” as what one would find in the Progressive 2016 Democratic Party Platform. In historic terms, the DNC platform is more like a Bull Moose platform of 1912 than George Wallace’s American Independent platform of 1968 or Trump’s Republican platform of 2016.

FACT: The KKK was one of the first modern fascist right-wing movements. Like the fascist movements of the World Wars era Europe, they grew out of a liberal left-wing party. This doesn’t make them liberal or left-wing on most issues (aside from the issue of Federal power). Instead, these progressive social conservatives used their liberal environment to thrive. Thus we can say, the KKK are right-wing the same way that Hitler was right-wing, despite having liberal roots. Fascism is a good example of why Plato’s warning that Democracy leads to tyranny was not misguided; the other example is Communism. Extremes of liberty and equality are corrupting. Tyranny never looks very “left-wing” in action (despite the on-paper philosophy of a given faction).[11][12]

Fascism Explained: World History Review. Fascism isn’t unrelated to the KKK.

What did it Mean that the KKK Were Confederates and Democrats?

The idea that the Democratic Party is the party in which the KKK has its roots is confusing to a modern audience.

However, after the Revolution:

  1. The northern conservative party of Federalists, like Hamilton, wanted to have a more aristocratic government that favored strong central power.
  2. The southern liberal party of Anti-Federalists, like Jefferson, wanted a more Democratic party that supported the Articles of Confederation and States’ Rights.

Factions had to choose sides in the early days, and the populist southern nativists teamed up with liberals like Jefferson.

TIP: To fully understand the story we need to start long before the KKK formed during Reconstruction. That is because the KKK was a militant group with a radical Confederate ideology that grew out of the States’ Rights faction of the founding Anti-Federalists. They are connected, so we have to start the story 100 years before the KKK formed to give us a foundation.

Limited Government, States’ Rights, and Anti-Federalism

Had the populist liberals, who agreed with limited government but did not agree fully on social issues, not aligned, there would have been a Federalist dominance in early America. The dominant factions would have been northern know-nothing-like nativists, social progressive Roosevelt-like or Hamilton-like elites, and quasi-loyalist Aristocrats like Adams.

The founders were not pro-slavery. However, slavery was part of the culture and economy of many nations; the South was one such region.

Abolishing slavery meant crippling the South’s votes and industry. This was the main argument for slavery by the Solid South historically. It didn’t stop the abolitionists like Hamilton from pushing for the abolition of slavery as he pushed for a central bank or federal control (to the dismay of the populists in all respects). However, it did result in many key compromises from the 1770’s to mid-1800’s.

Good Feelings; and Not so Good Feelings

Moving on from those early days of Federalists and Anti-Federalists, following the Napoleonic War of 1812, there was an era of Good Feelings in which all sides came together as Democratic-Republicans.

The conflict between the elite modernist Adams and the populist, nativist Jackson was a political battle that split the parties creating Democrats and Whigs.

In this era, John C. Calhoun helped to shape the Confederate Spirit that would stand up to the northern elites from that point on, but in doing so, he also helped to shape the social conservatism that would give the KKK power as a militant response to the North’s Reconstruction policies following the war.

From the 1830’s to late 1850’s the political situation fragments quickly.

The Rise of “America First” Nativism: Anti-Masons, Know-Nothings, and the KKK

During the 1830’s to 1850’s, as tension builds, third parties spring up like the northern nativist Know-Nothings (AKA the American Party). This faction pushed back against immigration in places like NYC and was more likely to be allied with the Whigs than the Democrats.

The conflict between Catholic immigrants and Know-Nothings is the subject of the movie Gangs of New York.

These Know-Nothings were like a Northern version of the KKK but were notably more concerned with immigration than slavery. The soon-to-be KKK and the earlier Know-Nothings shared an aversion to Catholics, Jews, non-whites, and non-Protestants in general, but much else was different.

The Know-Nothings were accused of being in bed with Northern abolitionists, and their “American party” really never caught on in the south due to them being perceived (and correctly so) as more elitist and northern.

Thus, although each region breaks into different groups, one should note that “the slavery south” is not the only faction with socially conservative position, and certainly, they aren’t the only authoritative group. Remember, they are opposing northern elitists who are perpetuating their brand of economic and political inequality.

Just as we find different types of conservative or economically conservative factions in early America, we find more than one nativist progressive conservative faction as well. And in this case, although the States’ Rights south had long been politically active, the KKK wasn’t yet, and thus we should note that the Know-Nothings come first.

TIP: The American Party was, at some points, the main opposition to what would become the KKK. Former Whigs in the South used the radical Know-Nothing brand to try to combat the equally radical confederates. Even between nativist groups from the 1800’s who want “America First,” there was a clear division as strong as any other split. Namely, it is the breach that remains between different nativist right-wing groups. The Solid South never liked big government even if it was going to be used to keep out the immigrants, while the Know-Nothings were comfortable with government and a Whig-like Federalist-like elite. Today these groups are both parts of the Tea Party (the less radical spiritual successors of these groups at least), but this issue may be expected to fragment parties again.

Bleeding Kansas and Justifications for the Civil War

By the time of Bleeding Kansas, as the radical ideological decedents of John C. Calhoun tear the nation apart over states’ rights and slavery, all the north/south factions, progressive and socially conservative, elite or populist, are forced to choose sides.

In those days you were either Union Republican North, or you are Confederate ex-Democratic Party South. It was at this time that the Whigs disbanded, their members becoming Confederate or Union.

In this radicalized America where 600,000 died, the Confederate ideology could become the KKK.

On the one hand, that ideology is what today we call right-wing fascism.

On the other hand, the Confederates were “liberals in the rural south fighting against the central government for their sovereignty.”

Alternately, it was a battle between slave labor and civil rights.

To a figure like Calhoun (who died in 1850, but whose arguments were used by “the Radical Generation” who succeeded him), it was the argument that, “the slave system of the South was superior to the ‘wage slavery’ of the North. By slavery intertwining the economic interests of master and slave, it eliminates the unavoidable conflict that exists between labor and capital under the wage system. The amount of money a master invested in his slaves made it economically unfeasible to mistreat them or ignore their working and living conditions.”

The southern socially conservative whites saw themselves as anti-elite regarding of federal power vs. liberty. Further, they did not want the federal government telling them what to do. This made them left-wing in terms of authority. Understanding this creates a centered picture of the progressively socially conservative South and their place in the otherwise liberal-leaning Democratic Party.

Here it should be noted that the Civil War wasn’t just about slavery. It was an important issue, but not the only issue. The Democrats also wanted to expand into the south and didn’t want a big central government telling them what to do. They wanted to own people but wanted their own liberty. It is ironic, but it is also U.S. history.

Today we tend to see the Civil War as being about the morality of slavery, but for the South, it wasn’t a moral issue. It was about big government, liberty states rights and not being enslaved by the northern elite.

Military Reconstruction and the Birth of the KKK

After the Civil War, during Reconstruction, the northern elite Radical Republican Progressives used the military to force the south to reform. At the time the Deep South used things like “apprenticeship laws” to extend slavery past the end of the War. The KKK took a stand in defense of the old Southern way of life in a society divided by murder, military occupation, and mayhem.

To be clear, “Military Reconstruction” is a term that describes the occupation of the South, and the KKK formed as a response to it.

From that point on the South becomes “Redeemed” by “Southern Bourbons” AKA Northern Oligarchs who help the South replace slave labor with wage labor.

The above might be viewed less critically if it wasn’t for a notable speed bump:

Before Reconstruction could end naturally, in 1877, the Republican establishment traded the reformation of a few southern states for the Presidency when Tilden beat the Republican Hayes.

At that point, the Gilded Age began. Gilded Age Republicans Redeemed the South and liked to be seen as putting aside the issue of race to focus on modernization and becoming a superpower.

The Gilded age gave way to the Progressive era. And in those eras, most of the country again minimized issues of race to focus on other minority rights such as women’s rights. Then, after that came the World Wars.

TIP: Reconstruction ultimately ended in a “corrupt bargain” or Compromise of 1877, which was struck by Republicans over the 1877 election. This began a century of racist policy, black codes, and Jim Crow laws. The racism that had been largely ignored regained the spotlight. It was in this century that the radical Southern Conservative Democratic faction the KKK would go through its three iterations and help to enforce the black codes much to the dismay of its increasingly progressive wing represented by figures like William Jennings Bryan.

Radical Republicans From PBS’s Reconstruction: The 2nd Civil War.

Racist Hiester Clymer campaign poster from 1866 “smearing” the eventual winner Union General John W. Geary. In this era, the Republicans are the Progressives. Simple as that.

TIP: There isn’t “one Klan,” the Klan comes in three iterations, each with multiple factions. Some members have a liberal and democratic ideology; some are more authoritative, and fascist. It is a populist movement that is progressively socially conservative and right-wing, but each era and faction are unique. We discuss the first iteration below, the Second was founded in 1915 in Georgia and was puritanically American and Moralist (they support Prohibition in the style of the Reformists like Bryan; “worst, progressive era, ever”). The Third iteration is the one we know today, it arose in response to Civil Rights and included many changing factions (some of whom want to be recognized Democratically, some who are more extreme, some who are more like neo-Nazis, some more like neo-Confederates).

Founding the KKK: The first Klan was founded in Pulaski, Tennessee, sometime between December 1865 and August 1866 (after the end of the Civil War, during Reconstruction) by six former officers of the Confederate army (according to Wikipedia at least). It was founded as a fraternal, social club inspired at least in part by the then largely defunct Sons of Malta. Here we should note the opposing party was the Northern and, at-the-time Republican, party. However, no party had a monopoly on nativism. Nativism started in both parties, in the North we see earlier notable groups like the Anti-Masons and Know-nothings allied with the Republicans; in the South during Reconstruction we see the new KKK allied with the Democrats (specifically the States’ Rights ex-Confederate Democrats). The groups. their geography, and their time of activity are different, but in all cases the general concept is a banding together of militant Christian Evangelical Whites within a liberal nation to stand against “others,” like blacks, Catholics, Jews, non-Protestant non-White Immigrants, and in the case of the KKK and Confederates, the elite Federal Government. Here it helps to remember that, for the KKK specifically, it wasn’t “just about race.” They focused on an extension of Calhoun’s old argument that was revived in the Reconstruction era. A primary goal was to “push-back against the northern elite who just beat us in the war and are trying to change our whole way of life, making the poor white man the equal of the black man via the votes of the freedmen.” This was as important as it was “to create a dominant White Protestant master race state.”

A Century of Jim Crow, but Otherwise Lots of Progress

From 1877 to at least the 1960’s, the Solid South KKK-like Progressively Socially Conservative Democrats remained a formidable faction of the Democratic Party.

This is true even though the party was increasingly dominated by Progressives like William Jennings Bryan. We can see in Wilson that both factions held sway in the party, Wilson was both a progressive liberal and a “son of the Confederates.”

The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow | PBS | ep 1 of 4 Promises Betrayed.

TIP: During the late 1800’s and early 1900’s Eugenics was a popular theory. In this era, we might find Margaret Sanger, liberal economists and social scientists, Teddy Roosevelt, Henry Ford, a young Hitler, and the KKK all agreeing on aspects of eugenics. There are many sides of the eugenics argument, and one must study its history in earnest before making a judgment call. Very radical right-wing propaganda equated birth control with genocide, but there was a wide range of beliefs. An espousal of negative eugenics is part of the dark history of the Democratic party.[13][14]

The World Wars, a Fight For Freedom, Equality, and Liberalism Abroad

During the World Wars, all KKK related issues took a back seat while the nation focused on the fascists in Europe. After the war, Solid South States’ Rights Dixiecrats started trying to run third parties. In this, we can see a clear split from the increasingly liberal Democrats.

Malcolm X – Dixiecrats. Malcolm X talks about Dixiecrats and the strained relationship between Democrats and Black Americans. There is a dark, dark, dark history of what they used to call “slave power” (a difficult term, but bear with me) from 1776 to 1976, Malcolm saw it clearly in his time, but that doesn’t change where we are at today. Remember M.L.K. made his choice; he did not choose to be a Republican, much for the same reasons Henry A. Wallace (not George C. Wallace) and Teddy left. Some accuse the liberal welfare state of being a thing of “slave power” (here understood as “a thing that keeps the lower economic classes, of which many are minorities like immigrant and black Americans, down), but look a little closer at what factions are aligned today. History is clear; the alternative facts aren’t always. Teddy, the Republican and Lincoln, the Republican were what we would today call “Progressive.” They used state power to ensure social justice, just as the W J Bryans and FDRs sought to (or like LBJ, Obama, and Clinton). The folly of the modern Democratic party wasn’t found in some racist undertone; it was found in the same principle that created the KKK, in the paradoxical irony that extremes of equality and liberty are corrupting.

FACTThe Birth of a Nation (1915) popularized the Klan and gave them much of their symbolism (including the burning cross). Today the KKK might blame “Liberal Jew Hollywood” for indoctrinating our children with “multiculturalism” at the whims of “the international globalist bankers” “who just want to rule the poor whites.” Back in 1915, Hollywood gave visibility to the Klan in a process similar to the way the movies Easy Rider and Colors influenced Hip-Hop culture. We are all connected, be it via Hollywood when it acts as a mirror for society or Ford’s Dearborn Independent. Actions have consequences. We can frame and skew this to make it look as though liberals created the KKK and gangs and are the bad guys, but that is mostly a simplified misreading of history mixed with propaganda. History is complex, and often dark, and there is plenty of room to get confused.

Finally, the Democrats aren’t [that] Racist Anymore; Those Goldwater Republicans Though… and States’ Rights Parties, and the American Independent Party, Plus…

Eventually, we got a blended conservative movement of Goldwater that combines Hoover-Republicanism with States’ Rights Dixiecrat ideology.

By the 1960’s the Democrats were so progressive that the Dixiecrat LBJ gave into his liberal wing and supported Humphrey and M.L.K. That upset the relationship between the Solid South and liberals, and, from there, Nixon revived Hoover’s Lily White southern strategy to gain southern support for the increasingly conservative Republican party.

The 1964 Civil Rights Act Explained: US History Review. LBJ was a Dixiecrat, but he sided with the liberal faction of his party and “lost the south.”

Southernization; Oh that Sounds Fun! Wait, it isn’t…

From the 1960’s to the 2000’s a “southernization” of the Republican party occurs. Paired with Goldwater and Hoover states’ rights conservatism and along with old Anti-Communist ideology, it was enough to completely change the political parties.

From the late 1800’s to the 2000’s Republican progressives moved toward the Democratic Party and Southern Conservatives moved toward the Republican party. See the New Deal Coalition and Conservative Coalition.

The grand result is that the David Dukes of the world today fly the Confederate Battle flag and vote Republican.

This story is a major reason why the voter map looks the way it does.

Meanwhile, while we can still see Gores and Clintons, and sometimes even a Byrd, in the modern Democratic party, those Redeemer and Redeemed liberals made a conscious choice to ally with the dominate Progressive and “Neoliberal” factions in this cycle.

The State of the Nation and the Modern KKK; How to Pick a Party and Faction

Today, the socially liberal left-wing of our divided nation, the Democratic party, is a very different collection of factions to the party who housed the KKK or called themselves Confederate. The party of states’ rights and abolishing the central government is the Republicans. They, ironically, have been overtaken by the southern spirit of the Confederates, with many of their policies mirroring those of that faction. Although Teddy Progressives are long gone, this remains close to old nativist know-nothing and anti-communist and elitist anti-immigrant factions.

Ultimately, M.L.K. made a choice; Bernie Sanders made a choice, and they both made it for a reason. We know which party sprayed fire hoses in Alabama; it was the same party who was marching. These two factions went head-to-head, and the progressive liberals were left standing.

Whether the reason M.L.K. and Sanders fought for is found in the messages of Jefferson, Jackson, and W.J. Bryan, or found in FDR’s revival of his cousin’s ideology, I’m not sure. One thing is sure. The party that waves the Confederate flag today is the Republican party although, as history shows us, a much is subject to change.

TIP: The point of the Civil War was a fight for Unity and against extremes. This was also the aim of the World Wars. When one feels beaten down, it can be tempting to push back, but we must remember that America is a balanced and liberal nation. We don’t need to wear kid gloves, but we do need to be united.

The Bad Boy of Washington: Lee Atwater – Southern Strategy (1997).

1982: Grand Wizard defends KKK policy on segregation. They are liberal in that they don’t want a king telling them what to do and they seek to use democracy to get their way. That isn’t “left-wing.” Indeed they are progressive conservatives in the Republican party, but the West is liberal, so all factions are going to have elements of liberalism.

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THOUGHTS AND OPINIONS: You can’t say “n-word, n-word, n-word” anymore. Or to translate that, progressive social liberals are censoring the speech of fascist hate groups like the KKK and neo-NAZIs, which in the environment of neoliberal globalism and immigration is causing a push back from what we today call the alt-right.

This is an alliance of fringe fascist groups, old conservatives, and many other right-wing ideologies that comprise what we call American Conservatism. Simply, the modern Democratic Party is part of the globalist New Left, they are not on the same team as the neo-Fascists like the KKK. But hey, factions changes parties and actions have paradoxical effects.

The name of the game is finding balance, and that means we need to understand groups like the KKK, understand why their extremes don’t work whether they are being democratic or authoritative, and understand why an equal opposite reaction of censorship and activism can unbalance the scales just as easily as it can help balance them in the first place.

We need to be able to speak and debate freely and not let things fester in the dark, but we also need to show respect and tolerance, even in a conversation about the KKK. We have seen the pushback against inequality too many times and fought too many wars to get it wrong again.


The KKK, you know with their living in the South and Waving the Confederate Battle Flag and all, are most certainly South Conservatives. Today they are in the Republican Party, yesterday they used to be Democrats, that is because factions, ideologies, voter issues, and voter bases of parties change over time as Roosevelts come in and out of our lives.

Author: Thomas DeMichele

Thomas DeMichele is the content creator behind,,, and other and Massive Dog properties. He also contributes to MakerDAO and other cryptocurrency-based projects. Tom's focus in all...

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Don Brish Did not vote.

lmao. That is Funny the parties switched while this author ignores all the migration from northern states south. What is a trumpian ? Some dumb ass loser creates a site and claims what a trumpian is ? The democrat party and there enslaved party supporters engaged in 4 years of riots and division based on hate and lies. The democrats fabricated a phony russia hoax to take down a president and created 2 phony sham impeachments. any party or regime that engages in this type of behavior will 1000 percent steal an election. Now under the fraud president Brandon who hid in his basement during covid and had empty rallies some how got more votes then oboma for doing what ?? lmao. Never mind the voting corruption in our faces all ignored.

Mike Striker Supports this as a Fact.

Democrats claims of systematic racism in America is absurd! Democrats appear to love making people feel beholding to the democrat party. The you know I’m right and you must be stupid if you don’t vote for a democrat.Democrats appear to be able to do the impossible, such as screw up a warm pitcher of spit and blame others for their debacle. Now we have inflation and of course democrats blame everyone else for their mess.n Democrats even try to call minorities that disagree with them racist supremacists .Rampant hypocrisy is the party platform.

Edward L Otero Supports this as a Fact.

By constantly trying to erase our nation’s history, Democrats show their hand in their involvement with the KKK. Even as late as the 50′ 60’s and 70’s there were clan members in congress active and vocal about their animosity towards people of color. All of them Democrats !

Steve Knight Supports this as a Fact.

I’ve read history also. One key point you left out while subtly trying to shift the blame on “Southern” Democrats for the KKK and the other Democrat bigotry of that time (and this) is that NOT ONE NORTHERN DEMOCRAT voted for the Emancipation Proclamation in the congress. Not one. So that “southern democrat” old saw is made a lie. Tell me truthfully…have blacks prospered and done well under Democrat-controlled jurisdictions, like Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, Washington DC, etc.? The Republicans might harshly expect them to get a job instead of live a dependent life as a welfare parasite…but…kicking your addictions (to anything, but especially to “free stuff”) may be painful, but it turns out better in the end.

Jack Doesn't beleive this myth.

This article omits certain key events that infact show that the parties have not switch from Democrat party and LBJ essentially trapping Black and minority people and making them dependent with the so called affirmative action and other so-called welfare policies which decimated the black family. Combine that with the democrat party now re-immersing itself in race talks, claiming one race is “oppressors” or “oppressed” goes to show that essence of the the party policies have not changed. Similar to in 20th century KKK roaming through the streets you now have a new race-based organizations rioting, destroying property and even killing people in the streets.

While you do have David Duke voting republican, you have his successor Richard Spencer (white supremacist, not KKK since the group is essentially defunct) fully advocating for democrat policies and ideas.

The parties did not change, what happened was that the democrat party didn’t chose not to stress their platform on the policies and ideas that they had before, they modified those racist policies and re-adapted it. Of course I could go more in depth.

Also i notice this “Sanger. This is mostly just propaganda from the religious-Right… ” in your comments. That’s a completely not true but that’s something for another time.

J. Moral Supports this as a Fact.

There is good reason that some Democrats flipped is because they ran to hide their racist and bigoted past behind the Republican, god fearing, pro life, anti-slavery and racist ideology. When I read up on DeMichelle, liberal is all you need to know that his twisted lies will not be accepted except for those who share the same anger and use of people as pons as the Democratic party still does. You can’t change the spots on a leopard.

Balduin Did not vote.

After a period of decline, white Protestant nativist groups revived the Klan in the early h century, burning crosses and staging rallies, parades and marches denouncing immigrants, Catholics, Jews, African Americans and organized labor. The civil rights movement of the 19 also saw a surge of Ku Klux Klan activity, including bombings of Black schools and churches and violence against Black and white activists in the South.

Dale Brummel Supports this as a Fact.

This is liberal bullcrap. Slaver owners and kkk are all the way democrats, no excuses.

R Doesn't beleive this myth.

They ARE the party of slavery still. The rich white liberal wants all minorities and poor whites still on the plantation while the rich white liberal democrat tells them what to do and how to act. Funny how humans never change.


Who wrote this BULL!!! Well we know it was a Democrat!!Making it sound like republicans are now the racists?!!!! 🤬 🙄 I Hope no one is dumb enough to believe this nonsense. Want biden the one sporting a black face with friends with ties to the kkk and biden that stated he didn’t want to end segregation?
You really think all those democrat politicians …most have been in there while the kkk was still active mind you…have suddenly changed their views? They don’t exist in the Democratic Party now?? You’re naive if you do.

Samara Supports this as a Fact.

This is BS.
If anyone supports Slavery it’s a Liberal Democrat.
This is total spin to coverup for the Democrats.
Liberals are less restrictive with their beliefs see the Libertines.
Conservative means you have more ethics or morals and follow rules.
Liberals are less bound to laws or ethics.
Democrats didn’t switch. They are just as incompetent and corrupt as the Southern Democrats that put the US through the Civil War.

James Murphy Did not vote.

You lost me in your second paragraph. If you look at the electoral map, all southern states are RED, Republican.
Yet liberals still refer to them today as the racist? This is just another Liberal narrative. Malcom X called white Liberals sleezy foxes. First black Senator for the Democrats was 130 years after Republicans voted their first.

James Murphy Did not vote.

First paragraph, sorry.

Does it matter? Supports this as a Fact.

So FDR was a Republican by today’s standards and Lincoln was a Democrat by today’s standards? Must be fun to manipulate history to make your party look good. Doing a media-bias check on your entire website shows you lean left, so that’s all that needs to be know right there. But it’s cool, the Democrats have the minorities they’ve historically (and continue to) oppress fooled and are doing a great job destroying everything they touch in America, so keep up the good work.

Eddie Chapman Did not vote.

This is a well-thought out breakdown of 150 years of politics. It’s obvious you went to great pains to stick to facts, pretty difficult unless you are truly apolitical, but a genuine historian doesn’t have an agenda. Hats off to you – well done

Victor Supports this as a Fact.

The democrats were the party of the KKK. The party switch is a strange thing, some people think it just happened overnight or that it happened as soon as the civil rights movement. Its not so easy to explain, but southerners didnt start switching red consistently until W Bush. And southerners started voting on economic policies because of the growth of business. So this whole party switch is actually fairly recent. Even in one of the articles you posted about the KKK to relate to republicans was from 1999.

I am an independent that tends to vote more conservative, but im not against immigration, just open borders. I dont think abortion should be used as birth control but also believe there are reasons it is necessary.

But to completely dismiss democrats being responsible for the atrocities of this country is just wrong. Slavery, Indian removal, KKK, Jim Crow, Japanese internment, all democrats.

Wayne Mead Did not vote.

“The Democrats ARE the Party of the Ku Klux Klan and Slavery” Now that is a FACT! WERE is misleading BULLSHIT on your part!!

Kathy Gail Supports this as a Fact.

You state facts – the Democratics were the slave owners.
You then state myths/lies – Republican know nothings. The Democrats know nothing. They believe every Media lie, they don’t/can’t show any facts to support their lies. They follow their Party which is ‘tax and spend’ while keeping the poor poor.

ROBERT DAMON Did not vote.

During the 60s the Republican Party drove the civil rights acts. The foremost opponents were Democrats led by a Democratic Senator from Tennessee, Al Gore Senior. Your apologetic for the Democrat Party is where stop using facts and start using your opinion.

American Patriot Supports this as a Fact.

The Democratic Party today are socialist commie fools, and baby killers, godless evil people who love, and serve Satan. All I can say to you, is REPENT, before it is to late for you. I can see in your writings, you have been brainwashed in your high school, and college, to hate America. No Mercy for traitors of of the United States Of America. Patriots will rise, and defeat this evil behavior. You will never take our freedoms away, COME AND TAKE IT, I can’t wait for the day you fools try to.

Douglas Jones Did not vote.

Saying that the GOP flipped and became evil KKK members and Democrats became the ‘good guys’ is like saying, God decided to stop being Holy and Righteous and went over to the dark side and he and Satan have now traded places…

Evil never becomes good and good never becomes evil. The devil himself will transform his image to appeal to anyone, including the Democratic party and its followers. You cannot force out the KKK of their party. They are still in the Democratic Party. And yes, it’s true that there are some racist Republicans, but I can assure you that the GOP does not claim them. On the other hand, the Democratic Party never disclaims ANTIFA.

The characteristics of God are obvious and include freedom to choose, true love, industrious which are only a few of his characteristics. Satan’s characteristics are controlling, hatred, and laziness. Now, neither party is perfect; however, the GOP does not force anything on anyone, we tolerate others, and we like to work and get things done and live by the fruits of our labor. The Democratic Party has the entire liberal lying media behind them. And most Christians believe that the media is merely a puppet of Satan. The Democratic Party lies and twists its words calling abortion, healthcare, and labeling anyone who does not agree with their doctrine ‘racist’ ‘homophobe’ or ‘xenophobe’. It takes the truth and skews it. It rewards lazy people with Section 8 and they are telling people to stay at home during the COVID-19 even when there is less than 0.01% chance of dying from it. They want to destroy the economy (just as the devil does) in hope that it will kill Trump’s chance for reelection. The party loves Muslims but hates Christians and Jews.

So, for you to tell me that the Democratic Party is now the party of love and acceptance and tolerance and peace and hope and that the two parties ‘switched’. You are full of it.

You cannot make a good man become evil and an evil man become good. If that holds true, and it does, it stands to reason that the GOP never went to the dark side and the Democratic Party never corrected its evil ways…

The Democratic Party was and still is the party of slavery. LBJ was a racist and was quoted as saying…”I’ll have then n!$$3rs voting the Democratic ticket for the next 200 years!” And he was right. He conned the black population into selling their souls to the racist Democratic Party. The way the racist Democrats saw it was like this…’ we get those blacks to vote for us and we won’t have to worry about the GOP ever getting their vote.’ The Democrats knew the psychology needed to manipulate the black vote. After all, their ancestors used that psychology to keep the black slave in ‘mental chains’ and do the work of the white master for fear of death. They began running campaigns against the GOP and began lying on them calling them “Racist” and then used those lies to make the black man think that the Democratic Party actually cares for them. After all, they gave us free government cheese, welfare, section 8, and other entitlement programs when the GOP never did anything for us, right?

The truth is the Democratic Party never changed. It only changed its outer appearance. It’s still the same old hateful party of white racists. The same old racists that taught the black man to say “N!$$er” and do so with affection to one another instead of banning that word forever. Pretty clever huh? Teach a black man to say a word that was meant to insult him and then have him use that word with affection, mostly. Though, it’s still used a lot out of hatred for one another…

Oh yes, they are now all-inclusive… They now have blacks and gays and every color of the rainbow in their ranks. That’s all-inclusive, right? Did not the white slave master have blacks in his house too? Why did he have blacks in his house cooking his meals, washing his clothes, and such? It wasn’t because he loved them. It was because they were his property. He owned their minds and bodies. Just the same way the Democratic Party owns the minds of the masses who believe in them.

You know why we hear black men calling each other “N!$$er” and sagging their pants. It’s remanents of slavery. The same slavery that was imposed by the KKK Southern Democrats. Slavery was abolished by law, but the Democratic Plantation will never be outlawed because it is the party of Satan, and no good will ever come from it.

American History teacher Doesn't beleive this myth.

Sorry, this is all completely illegitimate. I’ve taught American history for 12 years. Whole parties didnt flip gradually or quickly. The north was Republican and the south was democratic and was where all the rich democratic plantations were. Most people in the south, who didnt own those huge plantations, didnt agree with slavery at all. They only appeased the rich white man because they had to count on them to help feed their smaller farm families and so they were supported by these manipulators. As the civil war broke out there was mass exodus to the south to fight for freedom of the black man and for other economical reasons. That is when the rich democratic white people fled to the north once the war was over because they could no longer make money since they had no more slaves so they sold their plantations to the rich Republicans from the North who made their money from factories. Once this happened you have the geographical switch. It was never a party switch. This site needs to be taken down, sir. It is spreading disinformation and the idea of having people who are just as unknowledgeable as you are vote on whether or not your opinions on this page are fact, is further proof that you don’t believe your own knowledge.

PAC Did not vote.

So, after the Republican’s help LBJ pass Civil Rights legislation with opposition from the Democrats they randomly turned evil and switch parties? After being the party that opposed slavery and supported Civil Rights right on down the line? *That makes no sense*. Like, “We won and we’re mad about it.” MUCH more likely the Dems secured their control of the group by becoming benevolent parental figures, standing against the evil right. They do nothing for the black community, AND they get votes. A shining example of the a Dem who didn’t switch parties was Robert Byrd, who was in the highest tiers of the Klan during some of their worst years. There’s no doubt he presided over atrocities. So just because his side lost he dropped his hatred. Or was his “change of heart” much more about “securing his power base”. He never repented, just started denouncing the “bad” Republicans, re-writing history. He became a respected elder statesman in the Democratic party up until his death still with blood on his hands. Biden even eulogized him. Are Dems still racist? They control the cities where black-on-black violence is the worst. They control the schools where children are taught hate and hopelessness, rather than the academics that will actually left them up in life. Dems deny children of color school choice, even though there’s ample evidence that those children flourish outside of public schools. And if a black, successful, conservative ever steps up they are denounced with pure racism – for not carrying the water for and following the dictates of their overseers. The Dems lost their slaves; lost their Jim Crow; lost control of a population they still look down on as helpless children, and still sneer at as being unable to, for instance, use a computer (!!???). After Civil Rights Dems switched the narrative and did a full-court press on Republicans. Are there racists on the right – of course – but most of the Democratic party is so culturally and intrinsically racist that they can’t even see it. Black people are useful idiots to the Dems as evidenced by how they go off the deep end when one decides to think for themselves. Your facts aren’t facts if they come from faulty sources. But you’re probably also indoctrinated with the mindset in which Dems are the White Saviors, and Republicans were always the villains.

Richard A Davis Supports this as a Fact.

Of course the revisionist historians like the author above, promotes the lie and BS that there was some sort of Southern Strategy and a switch of the Dixie Democrats to become Conservative Republicans, a flat out that has been perpetuated over time by those like him. Out of the more than 30 Dixie Democrats, exactly 1 switched parties to Republican in their entire lifetime. So this fantasy that Southern Democrats “turned into” Republicans is simply BS of the highest order. The Democrat party had as its Senate MAJORITY LEADER a former KKK Democrat by the name of Robert Byrd, who was the Grand Kleagle of one of the factions of the KKK down in W. Virginia. The Democrat party is composed of nothing but liars and those who support the lying leftists. Today their political ideology is totalitarian and borders on Communism. They will always have the uninformed sheep who make up the vast majority of their constituency, to rely on for their votes, however their voters are utterly uniformed and ignorant of basic historic facts.

Al Grayson Supports this as a Fact.

What confuses many about MLK/MLK Jr. is that MLK Sr., along with most Blacks of his generation back to the Civil War, were Republicans/voted Republican where the Democrats weren’t strong enough to block them. MLK Jr. didn’t identify with either party as he didn’t want to be beholden to either.
So when someone says, “Martin Luther King was a lifelong Republican,” either they are ignorant of Dr. Martin Luther King’s father, thinking that they were told that Dr. MLK Jr. was a lifelong Republican. Or someone is being intentionally deceptive.

Jeff Supports this as a Fact.

When the internet became— True History from the books was changed to a viewpoint of a political party who would benefit. The Democrats are erasing history, and removing statues of History. This shows proof. They are the KKK.

Don Supports this as a Fact.

Did you know that the Democratic Party defended slavery, started the Civil War, founded the KKK, and fought against every major civil rights act in U.S. history? Watch as Carol Swain, PhD, professor of political science at Vanderbilt University, shares the inconvenient history of the Democratic Party.

Doug Did not vote.

“Today the solid south, and figures like Jeff Sessions, are in an alliance in the big tent of the Republican ”
After this comment I stopped reading.
Donald nominated Jeff to AG, then less than two years in…. Jeff is fired.
So if Donald a semi Republican fires a supposed Republican… your arguments mean squat.
Jeff obviously a government guy first, that enjoyed under-minding a duly elected President.
Just look at his decisions
That being said if Donald was not supported by this hack, then maybe Donald is who he claims to be.
A American that puts the US first..

Mary Ann Supports this as a Fact.

Why do we need to “vote” for whether this is fact or myth? I mean, facts are facts, and myths are myths. This is a fact – although the WAS needs to be underlined, in BOLD, ALL-CAPS, and Italics! Things have changed drastically over the years since that was true.

It amazes me, reading the comments left here, especially the one spouting D’souza (who is such a good liar that he supposedly changed a Democrat into a Republican, way down at the bottom here), at how many people have been gaslighted into believing the crazy that certain factions in the GOP have been pumping out at more and more strength over the last few years. They are trying their darnedest to become fascist authoritarians, and are already entrenched in at least one major news source, where they can sit there, smiling, and lie to even more people every day. The concept is nauseating, but they are obviously managing to sell it to a pretty large minority of the populace. Say, about 40% of the voting population, in fact.

I have been a student of history (among other subjects) my whole life. You did a very good job clearly delineating what the factions in each party did as the populace changed over time, and what the parties did to take advantage of that populace. Although, there is one video that is listed as “no longer available” on youtube, the one labeled “Ku Klux Klan – A Secret History.” Not sure if you want to delete it from the article, or try to find an alternative source and insert it there, instead. Just a heads up about it, for you, in case you can edit the article at this late date.

Thank you for this article, including all of the cited information, and all of the links to other articles which back up this information. Well done!

Ace Supports this as a Fact.

Have you ever heard of Dinesh D’souza?

Michael Hunt Did not vote.

what a bunch of absolute crap. it nearly doesn’t matter – conservative or liberal – democrats have given the USA every single racial atrocity without so much as a single exception. This is obfuscation like there’s no tomorrow. Democrats need to apologize and beg forgiveness every day and pay reparations for their evils. Not because they are Americans. But because they are democrats. Ignorant racist eugenicist KKK forming and then KKK reviving segregation Jim Crow Japanese internment Trail of Tears opposing the Civil Rights Bill under Ike wow I don’t have another three years to keep on listing these crimes against humanity off. when will we rise up and crush these evil people and their vile philosophies of white supremacy?

Matt Did not vote.

Democrats have always been the party of slavery. Just look at how well Black America has done under Dem policies

Bobby T Supports this as a Fact.

Hah, big switch? Is this how simple minded and easily fooled people are these days? The “big switch” was nothing but a desperate bid to easily garner decades of votes from a certain demographic just like LBJ said. And the recent new switch in the last decade of promoting a border wall and enforced immigration laws to now being completely lax on any ICE enforcement is more of the same.

After people see failed policy after failed policy come to fruition, the Dems are consistently needing a new voter base. From Woodrow Wilson to present, the Democratic party seems like they are doing anything they can to hurt the USA in order to create a single global government, while claiming and having children as well as simple people fall for the hook that it is all in the name of altruism.

Rol99and Supports this as a Fact.

This is what an education by prussian marxist in a playpen looks like.

Hector Supports this as a Fact.

It’s hard to believe you consider this nonsense facts. From reading your article and your responses to people. You will justify your article because you believe it to be true. It is so factually incorrect it’s hard to find a starting point. The Democrats will not against the government. slavery and the Wolf around slavery were imposed by the government and big government ! 1964 Civil Rights Act was blocked by the Democrats in 1957 when Eisenhower was trying to get it passed. And it was passed in 1964 by a majority of Republicans not Democrats. Which destroys your whole switch Theory on top of which the party never switched. And the south started becoming Republican when they supporting Reagan in the 80s. Are you trying to leave everybody to believe that the racist Southerners who supported Reagan because the South was more racist in 1980 and it was a 1964 ? There’s so much crap you put that is wrong it’s not worth my breath cuz you’re going to justify your article.

Marq George Supports this as a Fact.

Your anaylses are wrong. It is the view held by the majority and the majority is almost always wrong. You try your hardest to conflate that state’s rights and limited government equals support for slavery. You do the same with big government equals freedom!

Both are a distorted view of reality based totally on one’s bias. I’m not going to go into all the details, because it would be a waste of my time and yours.

You will undoubtedly reinforce the beliefs of the naivete. 5% think, 15% think they think, and 80% would rather die than think!

Johnny Did not vote.

I stopped reading early when the author roughly says “Why its not fair to compare Old democrats to New democrats”……but its apparently ok to compare old conservatives with new conservatives… if this piece isn’t a one-sided political smear I don’t know what is.

PAC Did not vote.

All of his sources are either far-left or Wikipedia.

Fletch Did not vote.

There was no “big switch”. All but 3 of the Dixiecrats went back to the Democrat party and were Democrats for life.

Cheerios Supports this as a Fact.

Bull Connor (D)
Margaret Sanger (Nazi sympathizer and racist Eugenics)
Planned Parenthood (democrat party)
Woodrow Wilson (D)
D Senator and Grand Cyclops or wizard Robert Byrd (D)
Just to name a few

Parth Trivedi Doesn't beleive this myth.

The Free Soilers were against slavery and did not side with the democrats. Try again.