Society refers to groups of people the cultures they form.

Being Equal Means Having Equivalent Value

Being Equal Means Having Equivalent Value

The term ‘equal’ can mean ‘identical’, but more-so it describes “equivalence.” For example, social equality describes equity, not “exact the sameness.”

Taco Bell’s Beef Isn’t Real Beef

Is Taco Bell's Beef Real Beef?

Taco Bell’s seasoned beef is 88% “100 percent USDA-inspected premium real beef” and 12% common ingredients like soy, spices, water, and oats.

Licensing and Media Tie-Ins Saved LEGO

licensing and media tie-ins saved lego

LEGO struggled from 1998 to 2004, nearing bankruptcy, but licensing and media tie-ins helped revitalize the company and the LEGO brand name.

We Learn Best by Being Taught

Do We Learn Best by Being Taught?

The best way to learn isn’t “being taught”, its mixing self-directed learning with the roles of student, peer, and teacher in different social settings.

Men Can’t Be Feminists

Can Men Be Feminist?

It’s a myth that men can’t be feminists. Anyone including men can be a feminist, because feminism is simply a belief in the equality of sexes.

Money Can Buy Happiness

Money Can Buy Happiness

Money can buy happiness in some ways, and cause unhappiness in others, studies have shown that different types of wealth and income affect happiness and unhappiness in a variety of ways.