Tools are any object (typically a physical object) that can be used by a life form (typically a human) to perform a function. This includes instruments used for the sciences, machines, equipment, devices, and more. For the purposes of this section is a “catch-all” for usable objects so this includes all tools, objects, and inventions not strictly meant as art.

Edison Never Invented Anything

Did Thomas Edison Invent Anything?

Thomas Edison was a businessman, ideas-man, inventor, and more. He invented things, but more-so he collected patents, headed a team of developers, and created companies.

The Sensorama Was the First VR Device

The Sensorama (1962) can be considered the first Virtual Reality device, it was a head-mounted display that played 3D film accompanied by sound, moving air, and aromas to create a virtual sensory environment.

Benjamin Franklin Invented Bifocals

Did Benjamin Franklin Invent Bifocals?

Benjamin Franklin is credited with inventing bifocals, although evidence suggests he may have been simply an early adopter of the split-bifocal lens.

Galileo Invented the Telescope

Did Galileo Invent the Telescope?

The telescope is credited to Hans Lippershey in 1608. The following year Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei began making improvements to its design.

The First Hard Drive Was Announced in 1956

The First Hard Drive Was Announced in 1956

The engineers at IBM’s San Jose California laboratory invented the hard disk drive as early as 1953, but it’s first commercial use wasn’t until 1956.