Technology is a broad category that deals with the usage and knowledge of tools. Applied Sciences are the study and application of those tools.

Humans Explode or Freeze in Space Without a Spacesuit

What happens with no suit in space?

Contrary to popular belief, humans do not explode or freeze in the vacuum of space when not wearing a spacesuit. While exposure to such an environment without protection is extremely dangerous and would lead to death within minutes, the human body does not explode or freeze. It expands but skin is strong and would keep the body intact.

Volkswagen was Founded and Popularized Under Hitler

Although the concept of peoples’ car started before Hitler, Volkswagen (VW) was founded by the German Labour Front under Adolf Hitler. Hitler then helped to popularize the Volkswagen or “people’s car.”

There is a Gas Tank Indicator Arrow

On most cars, on the dashboard next to the fuel gauge, there is a gas icon with an indicator arrow that points toward the side of the car the gas cap is on.

Charles Babbage is the Father of the Computer

Charles Babbage can be considered “the father of the computer” as he invented the first mechanical computer (the Difference Engine 1822) and ”the first general-purpose computer” (the Analytical Engine 1837).

Machines Can Think

Can Machines Think?

Whether or not machines can think, depends on our definition of “think.” Generally we can say, machines can think, but they think differently than humans.