Transport (or transportation) is the movement of people or things from one location to another using technology. Typical modes of transport include air, rail, road, water, cable, pipeline, or space. Transport refers to vehicles, operations, and infrastructure related to transportation technology.

Volkswagen was Founded and Popularized Under Hitler

Although the concept of peoples’ car started before Hitler, Volkswagen (VW) was founded by the German Labour Front under Adolf Hitler. Hitler then helped to popularize the Volkswagen or “people’s car.”

There is a Gas Tank Indicator Arrow

On most cars, on the dashboard next to the fuel gauge, there is a gas icon with an indicator arrow that points toward the side of the car the gas cap is on.

Self-Driving Cars are Real

Google has been road testing self-driving cars since 2012. Prototypes were tested in 2015, and public release is planned by Google, and others, in and around 2020.