We’re / Where / Were

The Difference Between We’re, Where, and Were

It is common to confuse we’re, were, and where. We’re is a contraction of “we are,” where references location, and were is the plural past tense of “are.” Used in a sentence, it works like this, “we’re where we were.”

Where the sentence means, “we are, in the location, we inhabited previously”… if taken literally at least.

Or, in a short exchange:

  • A: Where are we?
  • B: We’re where we were.
  • A: Where is that?
  • B: Where we are.
  • A: We’re where we were and we are where we are? So, we went in a circle?
  • B: Yes.

Author: Thomas DeMichele

Thomas DeMichele is the content creator behind ObamaCareFacts.com, FactMyth.com, CryptocurrencyFacts.com, and other DogMediaSolutions.com and Massive Dog properties. He also contributes to MakerDAO and other cryptocurrency-based projects. Tom's focus in all...

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