Crossing Your Eyes Can Make You Permanently Cross Eyed myth

Can Crossing Your Eyes Make You Permanently Cross Eyed?

Can Crossing Your Eyes Make You Cross Eyed?

Crossing your eyes can’t make you permanently cross eyed; the muscles holding the eye will fatigue and the eye will return to it’s original position.

What is Cross Eyes?

Crossed eyes (or strabismus) occur when a person’s eyes are not able to align on the same point at the same time, and appear to be misaligned or pointed in different directions.[1]

You can’t go cross-eyed from making faces, but strabismus can occur for medical reasons such as discussed in this video.

What Causes Crossed Eyes?

There are many different causes for crossed eyes, and it does seem to run in families. In some cases, it may be caused by severe farsightedness that has been left untreated. Significant head trauma may also cause crossed eyes, as it can affect the portion of the brain that controls eye muscles.[1]


As you may have suspected crossing your eyes can’t make you cross eyed. It’s most likely a myth passed around by parents to deter children from making faces.


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