Our Solar System is a “Vortex” myth

Is Heliocentrism Wrong?

There is a video that shows our solar system as a vortex and says the heliocentric model of the solar system we know is wrong. However, the video is wrong and the heliocentric model is correct.[1][2]

Here is that really cool looking but incorrect video (and its also incorrect follow up, and the incorrect but great looking follow up to that):

The helical model – our solar system is a vortex.

The helical model – our Galaxy is a vortex.

Solar System 2.0 – the helical model.

Although I found this whole thing best explained by the first article I found when I Googled “is the solar system a Vortex” No, Our Solar System is NOT a “Vortex,” I would after additional research present the following simple logic:

Our solar system isn’t a cool looking vortex type thing as the videos above imply, instead our solar system is a rather flat spinning disk shape that consists of less massive planets orbiting on a tilt around a more massive sun, just like we learned in school. The only caveat is that it is a complex version of this.

Now with that said, as the video claims, everything is also moving through the universe fairly quickly which makes things interesting.

First off, planets are rotating around the sun and spinning. Earth itself is moving at about 1600 km/hr.

Meanwhile the sun (and the solar system as a whole) is moving at about 70,000 KM/Hr (common for a star).

Meanwhile, the solar system is in the Milky Way galaxy along with countless stars and planets which are all moving. The Milky Way galaxy itself is moving at about 2.1 million km/hr.

The Milky Way is in a galactic group, the group in the Virgo Supercluster, the Supercluster in the universe. Etc. Everything is moving from tiny quarks to superclusters. It just isn’t moving in vortex or helix patterns, it is generally moving in orbital patterns.

When you zoom out and look the galaxy or solar system you essentially see the same thing, you see a rather flat (not actually flat, just rather flat) spiral looking thing, with a big mass in the middle, with everything orbiting around it.

It is all essentially spirals and orbits (with a few complexities), not vortexes.

Now consider, movement is relative. Everything is simply moving in relation to other objects.

We don’t sit in our chairs and think “I’m moving,” yet we are relative to another object like a galaxy, star, or planet. So everything is moving, but it isn’t creating a vortex.

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The video is cool, but the second I Googled “is the solar system a vortex” and started hearing arguments against I got the sense that this wasn’t a new peer reviewed study on the shape of the solar system and was just instead a neat but wrong video.

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