Physical exercise refers to bodily activity that affects physical fitness or health.

Royal H. Burpee Invented the Burpee

One might think the exercise movement “the burpee” has something to do with burping, but burpees are named after their originator Dr. Royal H. Burpee.

Fat Makes You Fat

Good Fats vs. Bad Fats

Fat can make you fat, but it isn’t the only thing that causes weight gain. Fat is high in calories and is easy to store as fat cells, but in general, it is storing more calories than you burn (from fat, carbs, or protein) that causes weight gain.

You Should Wait to Swim After Eating

You should wait to swim after eating.

You don’t have to wait to swim after you eat. Swimming after eating doesn’t cause cramps and has minimal to no effect on swimming performance.

Running Causes Knee Arthritis

Runners are actually at a lower risk for arthritis than non-runners. Obesity and repetitive kneeling or squatting increase the risk arthritis in knees.

Cheat Days Work

Cheat Days Work

Cheat days (days where you don’t exercise or diet) can help maintain the effectiveness of a diet or workout regime, but only in moderation.