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Cheese Causes Nightmares

Cheese doesn't give you nightmares according to one study. But diet does effect sleep.

While diet can impact sleep, there is no substantial evidence to support the claim that eating cheese before bed causes nightmares.

People Swallow Spiders in Their Sleep

Swallowing spiders in your sleep is a myth.

The widespread belief that people unknowingly swallow many spiders during sleep each year is a myth. In reality, spiders rarely come into contact with humans during their sleep, and the chances of swallowing spiders in this context are extremely low.

You Can Overdose on Licorice

Overdose on black licorice.

You can overdose on black licorice. This is due to the way a compound derived from licorice root can cause potassium levels to fall to dangerous levels.

Most Sushi is Previously Frozen

Sushi Frozen Before Eating

Most types of fish eaten raw have to be frozen to kill parasites before being served in the US according to the FDA. Meanwhile, “sushi grade” is fish that can be eaten raw. So most sushi grade fish is previously frozen in the US.

Royal H. Burpee Invented the Burpee

One might think the exercise movement “the burpee” has something to do with burping, but burpees are named after their originator Dr. Royal H. Burpee.

Raw Cookie Dough Can Make You Sick

Raw cookie dough can make you sick, especially dough that doesn’t use treated flour and pasteurized eggs. Studies have shown, untreated raw flour can contain germs like E. coli, and unpasteurized raw eggs can contain germs like salmonella.