History is the study of the past and how it relates to the human experience.

Pong Was the First Arcade Video Game

Computer Space became the first mass produced arcade video game in 1971. It was released the year before it’s creators formed Atari and created Pong

Caesar Said “Et tu, Brute?”

Did Caesar say "Et tu, Brute?"

Evidence suggests Julius Caesar may have said a variation of the phrase, “Et tu, Brute?” preceding his assassination. However, the quote is from Shakespeare’s play “Julius Caesar”.

People Have Always Slept Through the Night

Did people always sleep through the night?

Artificial light changed sleeping habits. People used to sleep in two phases, “first sleep” and “second sleep”, with two hours of awake time between.

America Has Always Had an Income Tax

Has America Always Had an Income Tax?

The first income tax in the U.S. was part of the Revenue Act of 1861, the first permanent income tax was in 1913 as part of the 16th Amendment.

Benjamin Franklin Invented Bifocals

Did Benjamin Franklin Invent Bifocals?

Benjamin Franklin is credited with inventing bifocals, although evidence suggests he may have been simply an early adopter of the split-bifocal lens.