Philosophy is the study of the natural and theoretical nature of knowledge, reality, existence, and being. Philosophy can broken down into categories based on subject and technique. See the branches of philosophy.

Humans are Hardwired to be Social Beings

Are Humans Hardwired to be Social Beings?

Humans are hardwired to be social beings. We naturally cooperate, care, and compete. From quarks, to cells, to plants, to animals, cooperation is in our DNA.

Men Can’t Be Feminists

Can Men Be Feminist?

It’s a myth that men can’t be feminists. Anyone including men can be a feminist, because feminism is simply a belief in the equality of sexes.

Thoughts Can Create Reality

Can thoughts create reality?

Our thoughts can shape our inner reality and outward perceptions of things (neuroplasticity), but to affect or create a reality outside ourselves, we must interact with the world and communicate our thoughts.

If You Build it, They Will Come

If You Build it, Will They Come?

If you build it, you increase the odds of them coming. In other words, if you put thought and energy into a project you increase the likelihood of success.

Observing a Phenomenon Affects Its Outcome

Observation affects outcome

Observing a phenomenon can affect its outcome (observer effect). In science, this refers to particles existing in a state of probability until measured.

A Theory Isn’t True Unless Proven True

A theory can be true or not true, all we know about a scientific theory is that it has predictive power and hasn’t been proven wrong by experiment yet.