Lenin and Stalin are Real Names myth

Are Lenin and Stalin’s Names Actually Lenin and Stalin?

Neither Lenin or Stalin are real names. Vladimir Lenin was born Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, and Joseph Stalin was born Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili.[1]

The theory is that Lenin named himself after the river Lena in Siberia where he was a political exile, and that Stalin roughly translates to “[man] of steel.” He also named himself.

Many of the revolutionaries who took part in the events leading up to the 1917 Russian Revolution (including radicals, intellectuals, communists, socialists, anarchists, and Lenin’s Bolsheviks) used pseudonyms.

The Russian Revolution Explained: World History Review.

TIP: The Russian Civil war was between the “Reds” (Bolsheviks), the “Whites” or anti-socialist factions, and the non-Bolshevik socialists like the Mensheviks. It is a mistake to consider the factions as being the same, just as it is a mistake to think Hitler and Stalin are “essentially the same” (mustache aside). Lenin and Stalin were leaders of the same country, and were both part of the Communist rebellion, but each had widely different philosophies and styles of government.

TIP: Red is the traditional color of liberals, hence the red roses in Communist propaganda, the red flags, and term “Reds.” Most countries use the color red for the liberal party and blue for conservative party. America is unique in coloring conservatives as red and liberals as blue. America has historically played hot-potato with the political color red, especially since “the Red Scare“. (See America’s history). The whole “red state” / “blue state” thing is from the 2000 election.

Where Does Lenin’s Name Come From?

Lenin adopted the pseudonym of “Lenin” in 1901 following his Siberian exile for attempting to publish an illegal newspaper called *The Workers Cause*.

The pseudonym of Lenin, which he chose for himself, was fashioned from the name of the river Lena in Siberia. The name of the river itself is believed to have been derived from the original name of “Elyu-Ene,” meaning “large river.”[2]

Other theories on Lenin include him choosing the name it after a strike in the mines near river Lena, and him taking the name of a real person Nikolay Lenin to get a border crossing passport.

History vs. Vladimir Lenin – Alex Gendler. Lenin was a radical revolutionary. He was a prickly fellow who felt murder, bank robbery, and melting a political opponents flesh off with acid were all justifiable for the greater good. BUT, Lenin is like a little puppy dog compared to Stalin. Lenin actually cared about political philosophy and thought Marxism would raise up the lot of the working man. He died beforehand he created the Russia he wanted, and following his reign Stalin immediately acted as a cruel despot.

Where Does Stalin’s Name Come From?

Meanwhile, the Georgian-born Stalin adopted his pseudonym around in 1910 as what was likely an effort to first be intimidating, and second to shield his real identity from the police while he was involved in an evasive revolutionary activity. He was a radical revolutionary who robbed banks to fund the communist agenda.

Stalin combines two words “stal'”(steel) and “Lenin” which together formed Stalin. Before being called Stalin, he was using pseudonym “Koba.”

The two stories I’ve heard are that Stalin means “man of steel” and that Stalin is a mix of “steel” and “Lenin.” It is likely a play on words.

Stalin met Lenin in 1905, and the two already knew each other and had been working together for 5 years before Stalin adopted his name.[3]

Joseph Stalin – Man of Steel. Stalin transformed Russia into a global superpower quickly. Unfortunately, he did so by sacrificing the lives of about 60 million Russians. If you call that “Marxism” I think you must be reading a different Marx. 

What do Bolshevik and Menshevik Mean?

Speaking of things that don’t mean what you think they mean, Bolshevik means “majority party” and Menshevik means “minority party.”

Lenin named both these parties; he decided his socialists were “the majority party” and started calling the other revolutionaries “minority party,” although his party was rarely if ever a majority. In Lenin’s view, you were either a “comrade” who agreed with him fully or an “enemy.” Enemies included all other types of socialists and revolutionaries. Stalin was much harsher on nearly every level.

TIP: Lenin was a radical ideologist who believed in a self-created radical version of classical Marxism which can be called Leninism or Leninism-Marxism. Lenin led the revolution in Russia and attempted to implement his brand of communism. Lenin died shortly after the revolution. Stalin had begun rising to power in the ranks along with Lenin and held high positions under him. Lenin feared Stalin’s ambition, and after Lenin’s early death Stalin usurped his rule. (begging questions like “Did Stalin Murder Lenin?“). It makes sense Stalin would model himself after his one-time leader, especially if he was vying for his position.

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Stalin and Lenin are pseudonyms.

  • Stalin’s real name wasn’t Stalin, it was Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili. Stalin roughy means “man of steel”.
  • Lenin’s real name wasn’t Lenin, it was Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov. Lenin named himself after the river Lena in Siberia near where he was exiled.
  • Many of the Bolshevik (“majority party”) revolutionaries who took part in the events leading up to the 1917 Russian Revolution used pseudonyms.

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You wrote this article about perhaps the only two that didn’t start with Jewish names. Even then, Lenin was 1/4 Jewish and spoke Yiddish fluently.

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