More People Live in Bangladesh than Russia fact

Despite it being .01 times the size of Russia more people live in Bangladesh than Russia. This is likely to continue for the foreseeable future unless there is a dramatic shift in the population trends for these countries.

What is the Population of Russia?

There are a number of estimates for world populations. The data indicates that the population in Russia has been declining since about 1995. This is largely due to steadily decreasing fertility rates.

  • According to one official estimate for 1 July 2015, the population of Russia was 142,423,773.[1]
  • According to estimates for December 27th, 2015 Russia’s population was 141,923,650.[3]

What is the Population of Bangladesh?

Sometime between 2000 and 2005 Bangladesh’s population began to exceed Russia’s. Bangladesh has never experienced a significant drop in their population. While the fertility rates in Bangladesh have lowered over the years, it has never dropped below an overall growth rate.

  • According to one official estimate for July 2015, the population of Bangladesh was 168,957,745. [2]
  • According to estimates for December 27th, 2015 the population of Bangladesh was 161,415,417.[4]

What is a Fertility Rate?

The fertility rate of a population is based on the number of births per 1000 woman for a given year.[1] This number is used to estimate the projected population growths of a population over time and they are fairly complex. The more specific data about the populations age and gender demographics, the more accurate the projection is likely to be. Population estimates are still simply projections based on the passed data and can’t predict other factors which significantly affect population sizes like. Population size can be dramatically affected by: wars, access to contraceptives, disease, natural disasters, and immigration.


Bangladesh is a tiny country with a huge populations. It’s population exceeded that of Russia about 10 years ago.


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