Computer software is any set of instructions that directs a computer to perform specific operations, all programs and code are computer software. Computer software is non-tangible and different from computer hardware (the physical part of a computer).

Bitcoin is an Actual Coin

Is a Bitcoin an Actual Coin?

Bitcoin isn’t a literal coin; it’s a list of transactions recorded on a shared digital public ledger called a “block chain”.

Computers Can Generate True Random Numbers

Can Computers Generate True Random Numbers?

Computers can’t generate truly random numbers in the purest sense with software alone. However, computers can generate truly random numbers with the help of natural random events.

Ada Lovelace Wrote the First Computer Program

Ada Lovelace Wrote the First Computer Program

British mathematician Ada Lovelace can be considered the mother of computer programing, as she wrote the first complex algorithm meant to be carried out by a machine. However, it is a myth that Ada Lovelace wrote “the first computer program” or was “the first computer programmer”, that title belongs to Charles Babbage.