Computing is anything involving or related to the use or creation of computers.

Charles Babbage is the Father of the Computer

Charles Babbage can be considered “the father of the computer” as he invented the first mechanical computer (the Difference Engine 1822) and ”the first general-purpose computer” (the Analytical Engine 1837).

Machines Can Think

Can Machines Think?

Whether or not machines can think, depends on our definition of “think.” Generally we can say, machines can think, but they think differently than humans.

The NSA Monitors, Collects, and Processes Data

Separation of Powers

The United States National Security Agency (NSA) monitors, collects, and processes data from a number of sources world-wide for foreign intelligence and counter intelligence.

Computers Slow Down with Age

Do Computers Slow Down as they age?

Computers don’t slow down over time. CPU and Memory intense programs and “disk fragmentation” can cause slowdown, but the age of the hardware won’t.

We Might Be in a Virtual Simulation

The simulation argument can be summarized as the idea that reality might be a virtual simulation (we might be “in the Matrix” / “in a video game”).