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Different Coffee Beans Give Different Buzzes

Different Coffee Beans Give Different Buzzes

All coffee beans contain the same caffeine compound, but in different amounts. The way the caffeine buzz affects you depends on roast, bean type, and other factors.

Calories on the Label Equal Calories Stored

Are Calories on the Label Equal Calories Stored?

Calories on a label almost never equal calories stored exactly. This is part due to the labeling process, and part due to the different effects different macronutrients have on our bodies.

Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever

The old saying “feed a cold, starve a fever” has truth to it, but generally you should feed a cold and a fever and starve neither.

Light Can Affect Mood

Light Can Affect Mood

Exposure to light in moderation, especially natural sunlight, can have an uplifting effect on mood, while excessive darkness can have the opposite effect.

Weight is Based on Caloric Balance

Weight loss and weight gain are complex, but at its core weight is based on caloric balance; calories stored as fat vs. calories used.

Cheat Days Work

Cheat Days Work

Cheat days (days where you don’t exercise or diet) can help maintain the effectiveness of a diet or workout regime, but only in moderation.

Foods Can Have Negative Calories

Are there negative calorie foods?

There is no negative calorie food. Not even low calorie or fibrous fruits and vegetables burn more calories than they contain, but some drinks can.