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Fasting Removes Toxins from the Body

Do Fasting Diets Work?

Scientific research shows the body can remove toxins whether a person fasts or not. In fact, fasting has health risks as the body needs liquid, energy, vitamins, and minerals to detox.

Running Causes Knee Arthritis

Runners are actually at a lower risk for arthritis than non-runners. Obesity and repetitive kneeling or squatting increase the risk arthritis in knees.

Consuming Raw Eggs is Safe

Raw pasteurized eggs are safe to eat or drink, but there are slight risks of a salmonella illness, especially for the elderly, kids, and pregnant women.

Tableware Affects the Taste of Food

Tableware afftects the taste of food

According to recent food science, tableware (plates, cups, and cutlery) affect the taste of food along with a number of other factors like color, smell, sound, and more.

Fluoride is Bad For You

Is Flouride Bad For You?

Fluoride is a name for several fluorine compounds. Fluoride is good for oral hygiene in small doses, but extremely dangerous and toxic in large doses.

Free Radicals are Harmful

Free radicals are atoms, molecules, or ions missing electrons. When antioxidants are unavailable, free radicals can damage cells in an effort to “balance” electrons through oxidation.

Different Coffee Beans Give Different Buzzes

Different Coffee Beans Give Different Buzzes

All coffee beans contain the same caffeine compound, but in different amounts. The way the caffeine buzz affects you depends on roast, bean type, and other factors.