Mathematics (Math) is the study of physical properties and measurable change, logic is a philosophy that uses mathematics-based reasoning. Logic can also apply non-mathematics-based reasoning (see section on logic in philosophy for all non-mathematics based logic).

A System is a Set of Properties

What are Systems?

A system is any “bound”, finite, set of physical and/or conceptual properties (elements) such as physical objects, rules, or space time coordinates.

Conway’s Game of Life Models Evolution

The Game of Life - a cellular automaton

Conway’s Game of Life is a simple rule-set that models the evolution of systems. It’s a “zero-player” computer program that demonstrates “cellular automata”.

Everything Depends on Frame of Reference

Everything we perceive depends on our frame of reference. What we observe is relative to our point of view. In other words, “it is all a matter of perspective”.

Infinity is a Number

Is Infinity A Number?

Infinity (∞) isn’t a number, it’s a concept. It describes something that can’t be expressed by a “finite” natural or real number.

There are Different Types of Infinity

Infinity is a concept, not a number.

There are different types of infinity (∞) which differ by size, countability, “flavor” and more. Most types have practical real world applications.

Physics is Different than Metaphysics

Physics is Different than Metaphysics

Physics is a branch of physical science rooted in math that asks “how does it work?” Metaphysics is a broad branch of philosophy that asks, “What is its true nature?”

The Earth Isn’t Flat

The Earth isn’t Flat

The Earth is not flat; the Earth is an oblate spheroid (a bumpy sphere with a fat equator and skinny poles). There are many ways to prove the earth’s geometry.

E=mc^2 (Mass and Energy are Equivalent)

Einstein’s mass-energy equivalence equation (E=mc2) shows that mass and energy are equivalent (but not “exactly the same”) properties of a physical system.