Religion is the study or practice of preexisting beliefs, generally involving faith. Beliefs refer to people’s understandings and perceptions of things.

There Was a “Golden Age” of Islam

The Islamic Golden Age lasted from roughly the 8th – 13th century. In this time, Islam helped spread, persevere, and advance science, wisdom, reason, and learning.

Astrology is Based on Science

western astrology for dummies

Aspects of astrology are rooted in the science of astronomy and the academic tradition, but today astrology is considered a pseudoscience.

The Census is Relatively Modern

Is the Census Relatively Modern?

Censuses have been around since ancient Babylon. Historically, a census was a register of people and property used to determine taxes and organize society.

Jediism is an Actual Religion

Jediism is an Actual Religion

Jediism, is a religion / belief system based on the philosophy and life practices of the Jedi from the fictional Star Wars universe.

There is a Church of Bacon

There is a Church of Bacon

The United Church of Bacon is a legal church based in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was founded in 2010 during a meeting at Penn Jillette’s house, to fight discrimination against atheists.

Americans Commonly Stay With the Religion They Were Raised With

Do Americans Commonly Stay With the Religion They Were Raised With?

While the majority of Americans don’t switch religions, but it is common to switch religions. As many as 42% of U.S. adults have assumed a different religious identity from the one in which they were raised, according to a 2014 Pew Research Center study.