Technology is a broad category that deals with the usage and knowledge of tools. Applied Sciences are the study and application of those tools.

Self-Driving Cars are Real

Google has been road testing self-driving cars since 2012. Prototypes were tested in 2015, and public release is planned by Google, and others, in and around 2020.

People Have Always Slept Through the Night

Did people always sleep through the night?

Artificial light changed sleeping habits. People used to sleep in two phases, “first sleep” and “second sleep”, with two hours of awake time between.

Benjamin Franklin Invented Bifocals

Did Benjamin Franklin Invent Bifocals?

Benjamin Franklin is credited with inventing bifocals, although evidence suggests he may have been simply an early adopter of the split-bifocal lens.

Galileo Invented the Telescope

Did Galileo Invent the Telescope?

The telescope is credited to Hans Lippershey in 1608. The following year Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei began making improvements to its design.

Ada Lovelace Wrote the First Computer Program

Ada Lovelace Wrote the First Computer Program

British mathematician Ada Lovelace can be considered the mother of computer programing, as she wrote the first complex algorithm meant to be carried out by a machine. However, it is a myth that Ada Lovelace wrote “the first computer program” or was “the first computer programmer”, that title belongs to Charles Babbage.

Virtual Reality is a New Technology

Neither Virtual Reality (VR), nor Augmented Reality (AR), nor the peripherals used (like the DataGlove or headsets) are new technologies.

The First Hard Drive Was Announced in 1956

The First Hard Drive Was Announced in 1956

The engineers at IBM’s San Jose California laboratory invented the hard disk drive as early as 1953, but it’s first commercial use wasn’t until 1956.