Linda deSolla Price is the daughter of Derek de Solla Price, a physicist, historian, and Yale professor who was the first to formally study the History of Science.
She holds an undergraduate degree from University of Pennsylvania summa cum laude, in Comparative Literature and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa. She has a graduate degree from The University of Texas at Austin and has taken additional graduate education courses from Southern Connecticut State University in order to earn Certification in Special Education. She worked as a special education teacher for 25 years, teaching Mathematics, History, Science and Wood Shop. She has professional experience in the financial sector as well as having owned two small businesses: a successful office supply store and a hand bookbinding and paper restoration service. Although retired from teaching, she continues to operate a content editing and fact-checking service.

People Can Be Intersex Fact

People can be intersex. Society divides people into male and female, but there is no reliable scientific evidence that supports that binary categorization.

Sex, Gender, and Sexuality Are Binary Myth

Studies have shown there is no single determinant of sex, gender, or sexuality. In terms of both sex (genetic) and gender (a social construct), a binary distinction of “male or female” fails to describe a wide range of humans in practice. Meanwhile, sexuality (a preference) eludes any simple categorization as well. Simply put, despite some binary aspects (for example a person either has a Y gene or they don’t), Gender, Sex, and Sexuality are all non-binary and each is instead a complex spectrum… and we can prove it with science and logic.

Fasting Removes Toxins from the Body Myth

Scientific research shows the body can remove toxins whether a person fasts or not. In fact, fasting has health risks as the body needs liquid, energy, vitamins, and minerals to detox.