Baseball is an American sport originating in the 1800’s played with a bat and ball based on the English children’s game “base”.

Or rather, the rules of Baseball in a hundred words or less: two teams, nine players each, enclosed field, 3 bases and a home plate in a diamond shape 90 feet apart, pitcher throws the ball, batters tries to hit the ball before striking out, outfielders and basemen try to catch the ball and tag the batter out, a catcher singling the pitcher, 9 innings, 3 outs per team an inning, rotating offense and defense, tag home base for a point, most points win, extra innings in a tie. The great American pastime.

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If You Build it, They Will Come Myth

If you build it, you increase the odds of them coming. In other words, if you put thought and energy into a project you increase the likelihood of success.