Early computers include theoretical computers, analog computers, and early digital computers. We can even, in ways, look at Google and NASA’s D-wave (as it is an early quantum computer). So we are talking about mainly precursors to the modern computer, but also computing firsts (so first hard drive, first peripherals, first video games, etc).

When talking about early computing we can also look at people like Lovelace, Babbage, and Turing, or the groups who helped fund these projects. The world’s oldest (analog) computer is the Antikythera mechanism, which my Grandfather discovered. Small world, right?

Factoids tagged with "Early Computers"

Charles Babbage is the Father of the Computer Fact

Charles Babbage can be considered “the father of the computer” as he invented the first mechanical computer (the Difference Engine 1822) and ”the first general-purpose computer” (the Analytical Engine 1837).

Machines Can Think Fact

Whether or not machines can think, depends on our definition of “think.” Generally we can say, machines can think, but they think differently than humans.

Ada Lovelace Wrote the First Computer Program Myth

British mathematician Ada Lovelace can be considered the mother of computer programing, as she wrote the first complex algorithm meant to be carried out by a machine. However, it is a myth that Ada Lovelace wrote “the first computer program” or was “the first computer programmer”, that title belongs to Charles Babbage.