Rock (Rock N’ Roll or Rock Music) is a genre of music derived from American R&B and Country music. It came to popularity in the 1950’s in America.

Rock typically uses an A/B song structure, a 4/4 time signature with an emphasis on the back beat, and consists of electric guitar, electric bass, drums, and vocals (often with an emphasis on live performance).

Factoids tagged with "Rock Music"

Frank Zappa Coined the Term “Groupie” Fact

Frank Zappa claimed to have coined the term “groupie” to describe “women who followed rock groups.” Although we can’t prove he was the first to use the term, we can prove he was at least one of the first.

Brian Eno Invented Ambient Music Myth

Brian Eno didn’t invent ambient music, but he did coin the term and popularize the genre drawing from underground experimental music and the work of Erik Satie.

There Was a 5th Beatle Fact

There was no single ‘5th Beatle’, rather many people were dubbed “the 5th Beatle” at various times: Stuart Sutcliffe, Brian Epstein, Billy Preston, George Martin, and more.