A University is an institution of higher learning that grants academic degrees. In the U.S. universities may be called colleges, but in other countries like Europe the word “college” is more like what would be called a two year school or “community college” in the United States. Generally university implies smaller classes and more focused learning than college, although sometimes it’s simply a matter of semantics.

This section includes all Universities and colleges, but not other types of schools such as primary schools and high schools.

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We Learn Best by Being Taught Myth

The best way to learn isn’t “being taught”, its mixing self-directed learning with the roles of student, peer, and teacher in different social settings.

Clown College Is a Real Thing Fact

The Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College is a famous performing arts school. There is no accredited university dedicated solely to clowning, but there are several colleges offering degrees in the circus arts.