Myths are commonly held beliefs or ideas that are false. For a claim to be considered a myth one or more parts of it must be proved false.

In the broadest sense myths include any information held by someone or conveyed between people that includes any falsity. Myths also include folk tales which are used to explain phenomenon that were meant as allegory, although for the purposes of our site we use the word myth in the broader sense meaning that a statement is in anyway false.

Often myths contain some truth. On our site you may notice that a factoid (a commonly held belief) will be labeled myth despite it containing some amount of truth. The true aspects of any myth will be discussed on the page dedicated to the myth itself, those aspects may even have their own facts page.

On we seek to separate truth from fiction, we accomplish this by labeling any statement that is untrue in any way as a myth. See Stanford Encyclopedia for a breakdown of “Truth”.