Chemistry is the science of substances, specifically the combination of elements to make other elements. Mass-energy is never created or destroyed, and everything can be explained in terms of physics, no one knows this better than a chemist. In the days before modern science, chemistry was called alchemy and it was the study of the classical elements earth, wind, water, and fire. Today we know the four forces are electromagnetic, gravitational, strong, force, and weak force. We understand these forces create the atoms, that create the elements, that create the molecules, that create the world around us. With great power comes great responsibility.

Entropy is the Move From Order to Disorder

What are Systems?

Entropy can be defined more than one way, but in simple terms it can be defined as a the move from order to disorder (the move from potential to equilibrium).

At Its Core, Chemistry is Physics

Is everything just massless energy particles?

On a fundamental level, chemistry can be explained by physics. The atoms that make up the periodic table elements are themselves made of quantum particles.

The Sun Can Reverse its Magnetic Field

The Sun’s magnetic field “flips” in cycles, with its field regularly weakening and strengthening, and reversing polarity roughly once every eleven years.

Glass Can Be a Liquid

Glass, in any form, is not a liquid or a supercooled liquid, and it does not “flow” in its solid state. Glass is considered an amorphous solid, or just “glass.”

Fluoride is Bad For You

Is Flouride Bad For You?

Fluoride is a name for several fluorine compounds. Fluoride is good for oral hygiene in small doses, but extremely dangerous and toxic in large doses.