The Physical Sciences are branches of science that study non-living systems including Astronomy, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Physics.

Humans Explode or Freeze in Space Without a Spacesuit

What happens with no suit in space?

Contrary to popular belief, humans do not explode or freeze in the vacuum of space when not wearing a spacesuit. While exposure to such an environment without protection is extremely dangerous and would lead to death within minutes, the human body does not explode or freeze. It expands but skin is strong and would keep the body intact.

Some Jellyfish are Immortal

jellyfish are immortal

It is true that Turritopsis dohrnii, known as the “immortal jellyfish,” can avoid death from old age through a unique process called transdifferentiation.

Lightning Doesn’t Strike the Same Place Twice

Lightning has been a source of both wonder and fear for centuries. Among the numerous myths and misconceptions associated with this powerful natural event is the claim that “lightning never strikes the same place twice.” Nevertheless, how accurate is this statement?

The Sun is Yellow

the sun is not yellow

We have all seen pictures of a bright yellow sun in children’s books and art, but have you ever wondered if the sun is actually yellow?

You Can Turn Charcoal and Peanut Butter into Crystals

You can’t turn charcoal or coal and peanut butter into a crystal at home by heating the charcoal or coal and putting it in peanut butter and ice. However, scientists can turn many carbon-rich substances into crystal in a lab.

Cows are One of the Top Emitters of Green House Gasses

Cows are on of the top emitters of greenhouse gases. A single cow on average release between 70 and 120 kg of methane (a greenhouse gas) per year. Meanwhile, there are roughly 1 – 1.5 billion cows on earth as of 2018.

Our Solar System is a “Vortex”

There is a video that shows our solar system as a vortex and says the heliocentric model of the solar system we know is wrong. However, the video is wrong and the heliocentric model is correct.

Entropy is the Move From Order to Disorder

What are Systems?

Entropy can be defined more than one way, but in simple terms it can be defined as a the move from order to disorder (the move from potential to equilibrium).

Extraterrestrial Diamonds are Common

Extraterrestrial diamonds are very common in the universe. It rains diamonds on some planets, other planets are made of diamonds, and there are even diamonds in stars!