Earth science if a branch of physical science dealing with weather, geology, climate, water, and other naturally occurring aspects of earth.

Some Jellyfish are Immortal

jellyfish are immortal

It is true that Turritopsis dohrnii, known as the “immortal jellyfish,” can avoid death from old age through a unique process called transdifferentiation.

Lightning Doesn’t Strike the Same Place Twice

Lightning has been a source of both wonder and fear for centuries. Among the numerous myths and misconceptions associated with this powerful natural event is the claim that “lightning never strikes the same place twice.” Nevertheless, how accurate is this statement?

Toilets Flush Backwards in Australia

Do Toilets Flush Backwards in Australia?

Despite the Coriolis Effect, toilets don’t flush backwards in Australia (or on the other side of the world, or in different hemispheres, or on one side of the equator).

The Sun Can Reverse its Magnetic Field

The Sun’s magnetic field “flips” in cycles, with its field regularly weakening and strengthening, and reversing polarity roughly once every eleven years.

Glass Can Be a Liquid

Glass, in any form, is not a liquid or a supercooled liquid, and it does not “flow” in its solid state. Glass is considered an amorphous solid, or just “glass.”

There is a “Plastic Garbage Island” in the Ocean

Is there really an island made of plastic?

There is no visible “plastic island,” or “garbage patch” in the ocean. Instead, large low-density patches of plastic particles are caught in the ocean’s major gyres below the water’s surface.

The Earth Isn’t Flat

The Earth isn’t Flat

The Earth is not flat; the Earth is an oblate spheroid (a bumpy sphere with a fat equator and skinny poles). There are many ways to prove the earth’s geometry.