Computer Hardware includes all physical objects used to make computers..

Resetting Often Fixes Electronics

Toggling the power (resetting / restarting) tends to fix electronic devices (hardware and software). It brings the device back to a “fresh state”. Most electronics are state-based machines.

Pong Was the First Arcade Video Game

Computer Space became the first mass produced arcade video game in 1971. It was released the year before it’s creators formed Atari and created Pong

Virtual Reality is a New Technology

Neither Virtual Reality (VR), nor Augmented Reality (AR), nor the peripherals used (like the DataGlove or headsets) are new technologies.

The First Hard Drive Was Announced in 1956

The First Hard Drive Was Announced in 1956

The engineers at IBM’s San Jose California laboratory invented the hard disk drive as early as 1953, but it’s first commercial use wasn’t until 1956.