Health refers to physical, mental, and social well-being. It’s a broad category that contains fitness and exercise, nutrition, health science, and mental health.

Royal H. Burpee Invented the Burpee

One might think the exercise movement “the burpee” has something to do with burping, but burpees are named after their originator Dr. Royal H. Burpee.

People Can Be Intersex

Are Sex and Gender Binary?

People can be intersex. Society divides people into male and female, but there is no reliable scientific evidence that supports that binary categorization.

Being Cold Can Increase Your Risk of Getting Sick

Being cold doesn’t give you a cold, but cold weather can increase your risk of getting sick. Lower body temperatures suppress the body’s immune system and help some viruses thrive.

Raw Cookie Dough Can Make You Sick

Raw cookie dough can make you sick, especially dough that doesn’t use treated flour and pasteurized eggs. Studies have shown, untreated raw flour can contain germs like E. coli, and unpasteurized raw eggs can contain germs like salmonella.