Health refers to physical, mental, and social well-being. It’s a broad category that contains fitness and exercise, nutrition, health science, and mental health.

Eating Tomatoes Helps Prevent Sunburn

Can Tomatoes Act as a Sunscreen?

Tomatoes contain lycopene, which may help protect your skin from UV damage, this means eating tomatoes may work as a natural sunblock to prevent sunburn.

Weight is Based on Caloric Balance

Weight loss and weight gain are complex, but at its core weight is based on caloric balance; calories stored as fat vs. calories used.

Cheat Days Work

Cheat Days Work

Cheat days (days where you don’t exercise or diet) can help maintain the effectiveness of a diet or workout regime, but only in moderation.

Foods Can Have Negative Calories

Are there negative calorie foods?

There is no negative calorie food. Not even low calorie or fibrous fruits and vegetables burn more calories than they contain, but some drinks can.

The Term Malaria Means “Bad Air”

The term Malaria means bad air

The term malaria comes from two medieval Italian words “mal” and “aria,” which when put together mean “bad air.” This came about before we understood that the disease was passed from a parasite carried by misquotes who lived in the wet ground, and not through “the bad air of swamps”.

Malaria Killed Half the People Who Have Ever Lived

Did Malaria Killed Half the People Who Have Ever Lived?

Malaria would have needed to kill an average of about 5 ½ million a year to kill half of everyone ever, we don’t have data to prove this. However, we know almost half the world’s population is at risk of Malaria and it kills up to a million a year today.