Human geography, is a subsection of geography which deals with people, communities, and man-made structures and places. This includes manmade geography like countries, cities, buildings, and the relationship between them.

Organized Noize Popularized Atlanta Hip Hop

Organized Noize, a music collective founded in 1992, helped popularize Atlanta-based “dirty south” hip hop via their work with OutKast, Goodie Mob, TLC and more.

There Was a “Golden Age” of Islam

The Islamic Golden Age lasted from roughly the 8th – 13th century. In this time, Islam helped spread, persevere, and advance science, wisdom, reason, and learning.

U.S. Universities Have Always Charged Tuition

Have US Universities Always Charged Tuition?

US public state universities used to be tuition-free from the early 1800’s to the late 1960’s, although they still charged fees, but college has never been free in the US.

Gun Ownership is Relatively High in Switzerland

Is Gun Ownership Relatively High in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, it is estimated that about 25-30% of citizens own a gun, and more own hunting weapons (which don’t require registration) or own unregistered old army weapons.