Thomas Jefferson was a U.S. President and founding father of America, he wrote the Declaration of Independence and was generally one of the most influential men in western history in regards to liberalism, among other things.

Although Jefferson is often celebrated as a liberal (and was probably the most far-left radical liberal of all the founders), he was also by many measures the father of the modern Republican party and ideology. His Anti-Federalists represented the farmer, small government, and southern interests in America’s early days. For a while his group was called Jefferson’s Republicans in the press, but he and Madison ultimately ran and served as Democratic-Republicans. Later that group became the Democrats, then between Civil War in the 1860’s and Civil Rights in the 1960’s the South switches parties and issues of Religion, race, and immigration began to divide the country and complicate things. Regardless, we can see the small-government, pro-south, anti-big-bank faction of modern Republicans as Jeffersonian.

What is Reason?

Reason is the application of “pure logic”, empirical evidence, experiment, and skepticism to find truths, facts, and theories (AKA “critical thinking”).