There is a Real-Life Superhero In Seattle fact

Is There a Real Life Super Hero in Seattle?

Phoenix Jones is a real-life superhero who patrols Seattle, Washington helping to prevent crime. Phoenix is the leader of the Rain City Superhero Movement in Seattle, a group of masked heroes (a crime prevention brigade) with a background in military or mixed martial arts (MMA).[1]

The rest just depends on what your qualifiers are for “real super” hero. Obviously that is semantic, but if the qualifier is “goes around fighting crime in a sweet costume, the answer is yes.”

Phoenix Jones introductory video.


Phoenix Jones was born Benjamin John Francis Fodor, 1988 in Texas.[2]

Phoenix is a MMA professional signed to World Series of Fighting. He has fought under the name “Fear the Flattop”. His brother is UFC, Strikeforce and ONE Championship fighter Caros Fodor.[1]
Phoenix became a superhero after a series of incidents involving people witnessing crimes that involved his friends and family, but did nothing.[1]

Phoenix Jones explains why he became a crime fighter.

Phoenix as a Superhero

Shortly after the above incidents Phoenix took to the streets to stop crime. He developed a superhero persona over time which consists of a black and yellow costume with a Dragon Skin brand bulletproof vest, which he was shown to be changing into via the backroom of a comic book store on CBS and in his introductory video above.[3]

A list of reported actions, injuries, and controversies surrounding Phoenix can be found on his Wikipedia page and seen on his Youtube channel.

Other Real Life Superheroes

Phoenix is one of the more famous superheroes due to a documentary made about him.[4] However, other heroes exist throughout the world including Knight Owl in Portland, Oregon[4] and a team from New York featured below.

A full length documentary about a superhero team in New York.

Difference Between Superhero, Masked Vigilante, and Just Hero

Paraphrasing Merriam-Webster, a superhero is sometimes defined as a fictional hero with extraordinary powers, a very heroic person, or an exceptionally skillful or successful person.[5]

On that same note a hero has a similar definition, but with less emphasis on the fictional part and a vigilante is a person who is not a police officer but who tries to catch and punish criminals.[5] Given this, a person could use any of the above to describe Phoenix and other related heroes. Superhero works as a title because they are known as and distinguish themselves as real-life superheroes which clarifies the “fictional” aspect of the above definition.


Phoenix Jones is a real-life person who fights crime in Seattle, Washington.


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