Military is the armed forces of a given country.

Sparta Was a Socialist State Fact

Sparta can be described as a constitutional nationalist socialist state with an oligarchical republican government where societal roles were based on hereditary class.

The Historical Effects of Wealth Inequality

We examine social, political, and economic inequality in terms of their effects on society, such as the social unrest that led to historic revolutions and populist uprisings.

Frankenstein Can be Read as a Political Metaphor Fact

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1818) can be read as a political metaphor where Dr. Frankenstein and his monster represent the philosophies and attitudes of the liberal revolutionaries, specifically those of the French Revolution and ensuing “Reign of Terror.”

Communism and Fascism are Different Fact

Communism and Fascism are very similar in effect but very different in key ideological aspects. Both are an evolution of socialism, but one is exclusive and one inclusive.